Sony E3 2017 Full List of Announcements

Sony E3 2017 Full List of Announcements
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The Sony E3 2017 opened a bit unexpectedly with a live band playing a melody of sitar and drums against a waterfall light show. By no means a traditional start to a video game conference, but there’s a first time for everything! Sony E3 2017 had something for everyone with new titles and a slew of characters who we can’t wait to meet this year and into the next. Here are all the twists and turns of new games that were shown by Sony at this year’s E3.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

The night started off strong with a two minute long story trailer for the latest installment of Uncharted. It showcased the highly detailed scenery of the Western Ghats mountains as we’re introduced to Nadine Ross and Chloe Frazer. Like all good adventures it starts with an artifact and things quickly lead to explosive events from there. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy comes out on August 22nd 2017.

Horizon Zero Dawn The Frozen Wilds

Highly acclaimed and widely adored, Horizon Zero Dawn fans got their first look at The Frozen Wilds incoming downloadable content. While no release date was shared the trailer closes with “Coming 2017”.

Days Gone 

days gone

Sony E3 also gave us an in-depth look at Days Gone. A PlayStation exclusive zombie game with the look and polish of an AMC drama with a healthy emphasis on the importance of stealth. The trailer shows our main character as he uses the environment around him to gain an advantage. Sometimes that environment is the undead masses and the advantage you seek is to get passed some unsavory humans. The demonstration was lengthy, but still felt too brief. By the demos end we learned that the game is still in development with no release date announced.

Monster Hunter World

sony e3

Capcom’s classic Monster Hunter franchise was announced for PS4 in the form of Monster Hunter World. With landscapes full of flora and fauna the trailer showed a hero pursuing and being pursued by a dinosaur like creature. Only to meet its match against another monster. The slated release is for early 2018.

Shadow of Colossus

Another PlayStation exclusive announced was the remake of Shadow of Colossus. The trailer showed off stunning visuals and of course colossal giants! The game is due sometime in 2018.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite


In a twist that Marvel fans aren’t quite used to, the Marvel vs Capcom Infinite trailer opens with Thanos being held captive. He barters for his freedom in exchange for helping the heroes find the Infinity Stones. It was announced that the story demo is available for download today. There will also be a PlayStation Exclusive costume in the form of Major Carol Danvers.

Call of Duty WWII

Abandoning the edgier tech of the more recent Call of Duty titles, Activision and Sledgehammer Games kicked it old school by taking us back to Germany during World War II.Sony E3 revealed the first multiplayer trailer which will bring us back to the historic battlefront. The in-game footage looked crisp and detailed, down to the bloodstains left by dead enemies in the snow.

PlayStation VR

What followed after Call of Duty World War II was a diverse line up of virtual reality titles. Skyrim VR, a game that needs no introduction! Star Child, a sci-fi title with trippy blasts of color and spaceships. The Inpatient, a horror thriller set in a sanitarium with 50s feel and a ghostly edge. Bravo Team, a modern military first person shooter. Moss, a sweet little adventure game with a mouse protagonist. Oh, and somewhere in the middle of all that was Monster of the Deep. Which was quickly known as the VR Final Fantasy XV fishing game that no one asked for.



God of War

Exclusive to PlayStation, God of War gained an instant applause from the live audience. The has us watch as Kratos navigates the troubled world as both a warrior and a father. Scaling walls with his son on his back and setting him down moments before flinging his weapon into battle, God of War promises to be full of action and drama. Early 2018 can’t come soon enough!

Detroit Become Human

A PlayStation exclusive where androids are slaves and it’s your job to free them. In one of the lengthier reveals of the night, we got to see the full extent of the thoughtful mayhem you can unleash to accomplish your objective. The story hinges on your own choices, leaving a feeling of open ended possibility as you considered the possible consequences of each action. The gameplay mechanics looked smooth, showing a healthy amount of urban parkour, stealth, and environment manipulation. We meet Marcus who inspires the captives to follow him… and then we deface an entire city in retaliation. What’s not to love?

Destiny 2


Though Destiny was previously announced, PlayStation was all too happy to share the exclusive content that will be available on their platform. There will be an exclusive Strike, ship, exotic weapon, and PVP map when the game releases on September 6th.


The show closed out with a bang, showing an action packed nine minutes of Marvel’s Spider-Man from Insomniac Games. Web slinging, slow motion combat, brutal take downs, epic flips and leaps, and all the snark that the character is known for were featured prominently. Perhaps the most surprising part was how much the gameplay shown felt like you were watching a movie. A movie with really high stress situations where you weren’t entirely sure what was going to come next! In typical Marvel fashion, the trailer even had an end credits scene that revealed a favorite Spideyverse character who we won’t name just to help you avoid spoilers.


All in all, Sony’s conference didn’t really feel like a conference as they opted to almost entirely remove the human element. There were no behind the scenes narration from developers or insights to the future of fan favorite titles. It was more like a playlist of videos that included some longer looks at games we were already expecting to see. Even still, there were certainly surprises and we found more than a few titles that will be making their way onto our wishlists.

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