Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite full roster and leaks

Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite full roster and leaks
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The upcoming Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite’s release date is just over the horizon. We can also now see it’s roster coming together thanks to the cinematic and gameplay trailers along with some sneaky roster leaks and rumours.

At this years Comic Con that took place in San Diego, Capcom  announced several more characters and a game play demo was also released. However immediately following the release of the demo, unseen data was dug up from the game’s files in search for any hints at unannounced characters.

Below are the list of confirmed, leaked, and rumoured characters coming to this year’s Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite:

For Marvel:

  • Black Panther (Confirmed)
  • Gamora (Confirmed)
  • Hawkeye (Confirmed)
  • Hulk (Confirmed)
  • Thanos (Confirmed)
  • Iron Man (Confirmed)
  • Nova (Confirmed)
  • Captain America (Confirmed)
  • Captain Marvel (Confirmed)
  • Doctor Strange (Confirmed)
  • Rocket Racoon (Confirmed)
  • Spider-Man (Confirmed)
  • Venom (Leaked)
  • Winter Soldier (Leaked)
  • Ant-Man (Rumoured)

For Capcom:

  • Nathan Spencer (Confirmed)
  • Chun-Li (Confirmed)
  • Dante (Confirmed)
  • Mega Man X (Confirmed)
  • Nemesis (Confirmed)
  • Ryu (Confirmed)
  • Sigma (Confirmed)
  • Arthur (Confirmed)
  • Chris Redfeild (Confirmed)
  • Mike Haggar (Confirmed)
  • Morrigan Aenstand (Confirmed)
  • Frank West (Confirmed)
  • Jedah (Confirmed)
  • Strider Hirya (Confirmed)
  • Zero (Confirmed)
  • Monster Hunter (Leaked)

It will become clear soon whether these leaks and rumours are true or not but if so, Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite has a hell of a roster on it’s hands.

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