Super Hot PSVR Review

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It’s not often that you feel like you have super powers, that the world can bend to your will. This is how you feel inside of Super Hot VR. It’s only appropriate that the game that makes you feel like Neo from the Matrix is finally on the systems that had code names Morpheus and Neo from the beloved movies. This critically acclaimed game is now out for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR and it was worth the wait.

Super Hot is a first person shooter with a twist: time only moves when you do. Bullets hang in mid air and will creep slowly toward you you fly at real speed depending on how you navigate through the world. This takes everything we thought we knew about shooters and flips them on its head. By shooting an enemy the bullet coming out of my gun will cause time to speed up because of the velocity of the bullet leaving my gun. This causes you to not only make sure your shot is accurate, but also make sure you’re not in harms way before you take a shot. This is something that is both amazing and terrifying in VR. Watching a bullet slowly move toward your face is an unnerving feeling, one that usually results in you jerking your head out of the way quickly. This is a normal human response but in Super Hot PSVR it normally results in your death. The faster you move, the more normal time moves and feels, as a repercussion you make less calculated moves and find yourself in the path of another bullet you never noticed. It was a surreal feeling that I couldn’t get enough of.

Super Hot PSVR is a rare game that rewards smart moves, however the faster you move the more badass you feel. Every stage is a very well thought out puzzle that’s not only fun to solve but to master. In Super Hot PSVR you sacrifice your character movement in the world for immersion of the player. In the standard Super Hot game you have complete control over your character, positioning yourself in smart areas of the map so you can solve the puzzle. This is not the case for VR. This may sound like a negative aspect of the game, however this allows you to focus on clearing the room. Your senses are so over loaded with this VR game that movement might actually trick your brain enough to think it’s real. “The Matrix isn’t real”. “Your brain makes it real”.

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For as much fun I had with Super Hot PSVR it wasn’t without its faults. After a few levels you are treated with the story that helps motivate you through the game. You are a character in your apartment playing a VR game that seems to be being monitored by an outside party. For as much I appreciate story in games that is not the motivation. Super Hot VR is an experience that motivates itself. You want to keep feeling like Neo from the Matrix and that is what drives you throughout the game. There were moments while playing Super Hot VR when the game would not be able to find my hand or even spawn me outside of the room I needed to be in. The only solution was to restart the game at that point. However, this happened so little that it barely affected my experience, but it did occur nevertheless.

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Super Hot VR is some of the most fun and most intense I’ve ever felt in a video game. From being shot at to feeling like nothing can hurt me, it is an emotional roller coaster that always keeps you on your toes.

Mark Kriska

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