Costumes We Want In Super Mario Odyssey

Costumes We Want In Super Mario Odyssey
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One of the coolest features in Super Mario Odyssey is the option to swap out Mario’s traditional red and blue threads for alternative looks. So far we’ve seen Mario in his Doctor, Chef, Mario Maker, Safari, as well as Poncho and Sombrero combinations. The costumes, which can be acquired from the “Crazy Cap” shop in the game, are said to be homages to Mario’s rich past. That got us thinking, what other notable costumes and looks for Mario would we want in the game? Of course, there’s the traditional white and red of the Fire Flower power up, but let’s take a look at some of Mario’s either long forgotten or memorable costumes he’s worn over the years.

Mario’s Tanooki suit has been with us since Super Mario Bros. 3 and has most recently reappeared in Super Mario 3D Land and Super Mario 3D World. While still possessing the ability of flight as the normal Super Leaf, might as well throw in the entire raccoon look. Although, Mario’s raccoon ears and tail are a close second. With lots of areas to run, and a lot of verticality, we’re sure Mario will get around no problem with this suit in Super Mario Odyssey.

New Donk City sounds like the perfect place for someone’s inner artist to come out, so why not Mario? Just like the Doctor Mario outfit, the Mario Paint outfit is no big change from Mario’s normal wardrobe. That’s not the point though. It’s nostalgic and we love it. Mario’s hat is turned sideways on itself, practically giving it that suave look of a painter’s beret. Couple that with a messy apron and you have yourself a tres chic look.

Whether Mario is exploring the busy streets of a metropolis or the dirt trails of a forest, it doesn’t seem like a bad idea to have a good pair of boots with you. Well, in Mario’s case, one huge one. Kuribo’s Shoe, or Goomba’s Shoe, was a power up from Super Mario Bros. 3. It didn’t appear often, but when it did, it certainly helped Mario overcome many dangerous obstacles. Spiked enemies and overall spiky or toothy objects could do no harm to Mario. What its practical uses could be in such a game like Super Mario Odyssey, we don’t know. What we do know, however, is what a laugh it would be to approach some NPC in the game world with only Mario’s head sticking out of an abnormally large shoe.

I was a huge fan of Mario’s cape from Super Mario World! Why didn’t it ever resurface over the years in another Mario game? Well, it kind of did in Super Smash Bros. as part of Mario’s special moveset, but still. It’s a single cape, but Mario suddenly becomes a super hero with it on. If you had practiced fingers, you could make Mario glide indefinitely. On top of that, Mario could dive bomb from the air and land on the floor with such a big crash that all the enemies in the area would be taken out. Let’s see what people in the “real” world think of that.

Any time would seem a good time for magic, wouldn’t you think? Seriously, think about it, when do you have time to enjoy magic unless it’s happening to you all of a sudden? One of Mario’s most obscure outfits was his Magician Suit. As a matter of fact, it only ever appeared on the box art for Super Mario All-Stars. At no time has Mario ever used this particular look in his games. Come to think of it, this could be an alternative version of his Odyssey Wedding Suit. This one also comes with a snazzy top hat with bow tie and a black tailcoat. Who says plumbers don’t wear ties? Of course, the real neat piece here is the wand that Mario’s holding. Is it for show? Is it a real magic wand? Hopefully this one casts a spell in Super Mario Odyssey.

The Hammer Bros. Suit would be a perfect alternative to the Super Mario Maker outfit. Where the Mario Maker outfit seemed to show Mario in the blue print stages of construction, the Hammer Bros. outfit looks a little more like Mario’s ready to build something… or, you know, chuck hammers at unsuspecting Goombas and Koopa Troopas. Nevertheless, the Hammer Bros. suit made its first appearance in Super Mario Bros. 3. The suit was a fun and interesting alternative to the Fire Flower projectile power up. At the time, the Hammer Bros. had been terrorizing us with their hammer throwing skills, more than Thor ever could, since the original Super Mario Bros. It felt good to get even.

You know what another memorable, yet long forgotten power up of Mario’s? Do you remember Bunny Mario? I sure do. Bunny Mario was a power up exclusive to the Gameboy game, Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins. Naturally, when Mario touches a Super Carrot, he immediately sprouts two fluffy white ears on either side of his hat. Similar to the Power Leaf from Super Mario Bros. 3, the Bunny power up allowed Mario to hover in the air for a short time, while also slowing his descent. I know, I know, there’s a lot of outfits here associated with the power of flight. However, why be picky when you have ears like those?

Also from Super Mario Land 2 is Mario’s Astronaut Suit. Funnily enough, Mario’s coolest looking suit from the Gameboy game could only be used in one stage. That’s when Mario blasted off to the moon to fight a boss named Tatanga. Still, a pressurized suit in which Mario doesn’t care that he’s wearing two layers of head gear, well this is a memorable look indeed. While Mario has been no stranger to exploring the cosmos in the Super Mario Galaxy games, we don’t see why this one can’t appear in Odyssey. After all, Mario has his own ship for traveling around the globe. For all we know, the ship can let Mario travel to the moon, which does appear in the game.

There’s no doubt that Mario will be exploring some tropical rain forests as well as aquatic locales. Using his hat, Cappy, Mario can even take over Cheep-Cheeps to explore underwater. As a fun alternative to underwater swimming, I say that Mario dusts off his Frog Suit. This memorable full body suit made its first, and only, appearance in Super Mario Bros. 3. Mario’s Frog Suit gave him much more control in the underwater themed levels of the game. However, it was practically useless on dry land. That doesn’t take away from the fact that this is quite a fun look for Mario. It’s only been… almost 30 years since that game came out, so now’s a good time as any to bring this classic back.

I wasn’t that big a fan of New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Maybe because I kind of sucked with the platforming in that one. Maybe for good reason, too, because it was the ice themed levels that got to me. With ice comes the expectation that the stage will be slippery. Slippery stages lead to many game over screens in my day. However, the Penguin Suit made worrying about ice levels a thing of the past. Mario could easily sprint across ice without fear of getting tripped up. On top of that, Mario, in true penguin fashion, could plop on his belly for added speed on icy slopes, which made for some fun, thrilling action aside from plain jumping and running. Also, Mario makes for a fat penguin.

Remember Mario Party 2 on Nintendo 64? For the sequel, Mario and friends actually played dress up depending on the theme of the board the player chose. Mario’s Safari outfit was among them which, of course, appears in Super Mario Odyssey. Mario also dressed as a pirate in this game. Not to mention a wand toting wizard. I don’t know, I like the magician look for Mario instead for that one. However, smack dab on the box and cartridge is Mario in full Wild West Cowboy gear complete with Cowboy Hat, Bandana, and a Bandolier. Easily one of Mario’s popping looks. We know that Mario will be exploring desert landscapes in Super Mario Odyssey. This can act as an alternative to the poncho/sombrero look. Let’s give Mario the Cowboy look to match.

Super Mario OdysseyYou know what I think about soccer? Or European football? I think it’s a universal language. You see the community and closeness every time FIFA comes around. Remember Super Mario Strikers? Wow! Mario and friends had never looked more serious to play anything in their lives. Plus the game’s art was just amazing wasn’t it? Naturally, Mario is going on a globetrotting adventure in Odyssey, and football is such a beloved sport the world over. So here’s hoping that, should a few kids be kicking around a ball in the yard or park, Mario will suddenly get that deranged fire in his eye and come over kicking.

MarioBONUS: As an homage to Mario’s earliest days in gaming, I think it would be a great touch if his red overalls and blue undershirt made a comeback. What? Did you think that Mario always sported blue overalls and a red undershirt? You couldn’t tell in Super Mario Bros., but merchandise based on the first game had Mario stylized in predominantly red. This was especially noticeable in the North American version of Super Mario Bros. 2. Mario promptly ditched the red overalls once his third platforming adventure released on the NES.

So here’s our picks for some good outfits Mario can once again pull out of his closet in Super Mario Odyssey. Did one of your favorite costumes appear on the list? Do you have any that didn’t appear here? We can’t wait to see what other surprises that Nintendo have in store for us. Hopefully even one of these outfits can show up when the game launches, or even release as DLC. Super Mario Odyssey will release on October 27, 2017. Make sure to check out our coverage on it when the time comes!


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