GT Mode scrapped for simplicity in GT Sport

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Gran Turismo Sport, which was only released a few days ago, has received its fair share of positive reviews. However, within this wave of admiration, fans have found it hard to swallow the lack of Career Mode.

In previous games the Career Mode, or otherwise known as GT Mode, let players tune their cars, collect a garage full of vehicles, and work their way through a full racing career. The removal of this major staple left some fans quite disappointed.

Series creator, Kazunori Yamauchi, tried to clarify this at the Gran Turismo Sport launch in Italy, saying that all the elements of GT Mode were still in the game but have been re-packaged.

“In a narrow sense, the part that was the GT Mode in the past is now called Mission Challenge,” he said. “It’s single player, there are various different types of races, from the very short to the very long, with different regulations, and you can tune up the cars that you purchased to participate in those races.”

However, many fans say that this is a terrible excuse and that Mission Challenge does not live up to the previous mode and that the lack of context and structure make its inclusion feel almost pointless.

GT fans also feel confused and alienated by the new mode’s features. For example, instead of the familiar menu system, laid out like a map of the world and features your garage and other elements, GT Sport features a horizontal dropdown menu.

“Right now we have a very well organised menu and top menu, but if we’d placed all the features you see in the menus into a map format, I think they [players] would have felt it to be the exact same thing we had in the past,” he said.

Many players feel that the biggest nail in the coffin comes in the ‘simplified’ way the game’s mechanics has been handled. Tuning, a very popular feature which allowed you to tune your cars to your liking, has been removed for a new generation of gamers.

“Twenty years ago, when we did the first Gran Turismo, people knew what happens when you change an air filter; people knew what increased compression ratios do to your car. But the new users don’t have that knowledge anymore because they’re not as interested in the cars, so we’ve simplified that area [of the game] so you can do the exact same thing you were doing in the past, but it’s more user-friendly for people just getting into cars.”

GT Sport is a beautiful game, but its attempt to make the game less about cars and more about racing may have damaged the game’s credibility and left a dent in their fan base. Only time will tell.

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