Nintendo Direct Showcases Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (iOS, Android)

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The 15-minute Nintendo Direct for Animal Cross: Pocket Camp was short, straight to the point and full of charm. It revealed a ton of new information for the game, most of which won’t come as a surprise.

In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, you play the role of a camp manager who you can customise like you would in a regular Animal Crossing game. There seem to be a lot of new characters who inhabit the camp and you can interact with them in various ways.

The campers will have tasks for you to complete, which gives you a reward as well as friendship points. This is a new feature which lets you build up your friendship with the different campers by fulfilling their requests.

Just like in the main games, bells still act as the currency. You can use them to purchase clothes, furniture items, upgrade your caravan and other amenities. You can even take a loan, although further details about this system weren’t mentioned.

As far as amenities go, you can purchase attractions like pools to keep your campers happy. These amenities will take time to build, however. For example, the pool takes 72 hours to be completed. This brings up the second currency of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

Leaf tickets are the special currency of this game, which can be used to purchase tools (like fishing nets) or speed up the construction of amenities. These can be earned in-game through the completion of missions or goals. Leaf tickets can also be bought with real money as microtransactions. There are currently no details on pricing.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp also lets you connect with your friends. You can visit their camp and give them materials for bells. Every now and then, you might run into another player’s camp manager, and you can add them to your friends list (via a request), allowing you to visit their camp. It wasn’t confirmed whether Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will use the Nintendo Network ID.

Finally, it was revealed that there will be seasonal and limited time events. It appears that the environment will change according to the season, and special events for Halloween and Christmas were teased.

Animal Cross: Pocket Camp will release in late November of 2017 for both iOS and Android mobile devices.


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