Call Of Duty WW2 Review: The Price Of War

Call Of Duty WW2 Review: The Price Of War
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Call Of Duty WW2’s multiplayer action is a gift and a curse all in the same breath. One second you will be king of the hill gaining a kill streak, and the next you are being gunned down every single step you take.

Getting kills is the name of the game in Call Of Duty WW2 majority of the time in multiplayer mode. You’ll want to make sure you level up as quickly and efficiently as possible as your opponents show literally no mercy regardless of how low your XP level or rank is in Call Of Duty WW2. As you progress you’ll grind out new skills, weapons, and kill streak perks to use in your sessions, similar to how it works with other Call Of Duty games from the past.

Most of your perks that you obtain are found in Headquarters – Call Of Duty’s new pre-game hangout. In Headquarters, players obtain different orders and contracts that are used as goals to reach while playing in WW2’s modes of play. You can even practice at the gun range, or kill streaks perks (something I enjoyed using since I rarely get score streaks while playing), and you can even play some classic Activision games like Pitfall. It’s a nice touch and reminded me of some of the mini games that Fallout 4 had on the Pip-Boy.

When you launch multiplayer you are asked to join a division within Call Of Duty WW2. Each division has its own strengths and weaknesses but are useful in different scenarios and circumstances (some even work better than others depending on which map you are engaged in). Infantry, Armored, Mountain, Expeditionary, and Armored each have their own advantages and perks and which ones you decide to master is completely up to you upon choosing. Players can choose whichever one they want prior to matches as well so you aren’t locked to a specific division once you make a choice as they all become unlockable after, which is nice as well.

Once you choose a division, it’s time to suit up and get your boots on the ground. Choose between the familiar matches like Free-For-All, Domination (my personal favorite), Team Deathmatch, Kill Confirmed, and more. One new mode added is called War which has the player trying to achieve objectives on larger scaled maps while the opponent works on preventing them. It’s a cool concept and is nice to get away from the usual “kill or be killed” concept of multiplayer and actually feels like you are fighting for a larger purpose with the objectives at hand that are given to you and your squad.

Nazi Zombie mode is a welcome return as well giving the player a chance to play co-operatively with a friend and taking out some zombies. As always, Zombie mode is a nice switch if you need to get away from the campaign, and multiplayer modes and play a nice game of survival against hordes of zombies.

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The Good

  • Absolutely gorgeous cutscenes
  • "War" multiplayer mode is a welcomed addition to the series
  • Sound is top notch and voice acting is spectacular
  • Campaign is engaging and captures the spirit of how intense World War II really was

The Bad

  • Multiplayer sessions lost connections at times
  • AI is frustrating in campaign mode and useless at some points
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