Justice League Review: Justice League Assembled

Justice League Review: Justice League Assembled
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Super heroes have been flooding the mainstream media for quite some time now, as we have over 17 installments of Marvel live action films and now we have the 4th movie for DC comics to hit the big screen.  Justice League is the superhero team up that many around the globe have been waiting for, but was it worth the wait?

Without giving away too much, I would say that this was a successful adaptation of what has been some of the more successful comic book runs in history.  The team of Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg and (SPOILER BUT NOT REALLY) Superman create a force of good, meant to save the world from evil, in a way that only super heroes can.  Directed by Zack Snyder and partially by Joss Whedon, this ultra powered collection of heroes hits the mark on many different things and also leaves much more to be desired.

The main plot line was simple enough to follow, an evil awakens to find an ancient power that has been locked away for centuries and destroys all in its path to find it.  The villain of the film, Steppenwolf, is a side character that serves a greater evil in Darkseid, another huge villain in the DC universe.  He comes back to collect these mother boxes and attempt to turn Earth and all of its inhabitants into nightmare creatures set on killing and destroying. Let me say that this is probably the worst part of the film.  The main villain seems invincible at first, which always bodes well for the heroes at the end and well it was pretty predictable as we all knew that justice would prevail.  I don’t mind that as much as I hated the character and thought he was too lowbrow for this kind of film.  Bring me Darkseid, bring me Luthor, bring me just about any other major villain, as this guy was lame.

The main heroes were pretty solid, minus Aquaman.  Affleck did a solid job as Batman, especially one who has been fighting crime for over 20 years already.  I would like to see someone else in this role in the future, but it is not yet certain what the future of the DCM Universe has in store.  He kicked ass, was quick to think of solutions, we got to see his very expensive toys and we got to see that he is just a rich guy with cool stuff.  It was pretty evident that he was vulnerable to the gods around him.  Gal Godot does a really good job, once again as Wonder Woman and stole a lot of the scenes from her co-stars.  She is fierce, strong and smart, just what you would hope and expect from Wonder Woman.  The only issue I really had with her, which was the same as the Wonder Woman movie, was that she was still hung up on a man and that seemed to be her one weakness.  I really don’t think that she needed a love interest to be strong in the first place but Justice League reminds us that she lost the man she loved and it was still hurting her.  Cliche if you as me. It was said that there were re-shoots put in place to have some tension between Batman and Wonder Woman, but honestly, there was not enough plot development to enforce that we should have felt that. So don’t think Batman and Wonder Woman will be falling in love any time soon.

Cyborg and The Flash had some great scenes, I thought they did a serviceable job as comic relief and the under dog.  What’s tough about their characters is that they were basically introduced in this movie and we did not get enough screen time of each to be able to invest in their stories or character.  I thought Ezra Miller’s Flash was different enough from the CW Flash to be okay with Grant Guston not playing him in the film.  They did rely on Barry being pretty stupid to some things, which isn’t the case typically for our young and brilliant CSI professional, but I rolled with it because I personally love The Flash and he was solid this entire movie. With the movie being cut down under 2 hours, there was a ton of character development and plot that we should have gotten and did not, which hurt the movie overall.

Last and almost certainly least on this list of heroes was Aquaman.  As a Game of Thrones fan, I do think Jason Momoa is a solid actor and could play the part.  However, I think they turned him into what my friend referred to as a “sexy biker mermaid”, which is pretty on point.  His lines sucked, he was a tough guy but also he wasn’t and he had his shirt off but then he didn’t….you get the picture.  Bad acting combined with poor dialog equals; I am not sold on his solo film coming out next year.  And I love the director James Wan and what he has done for horror movies over the past 10 years.

The action and the tone of the movie were what I liked the most in this film.  We get some great on screen action scenes all wrapped up in some of the most iconic heroes of our time.  That aspect was cool because we have already gotten this with Marvel and for those of us who love DC, this was the best thing it has done so far.  Danny Elfman did the music for the film, which was awesome on one hand because we got small call backs to Batman: The Animated Series and the old Superman movies in the music.  Unfortunately, the music also messed with the tone of the movie, which made it feel incredibly confused at times.  Was this movie supposed to be dark and brooding? Was it supposed to be light and silly? Yes to both at times, which makes for a weird feeling at the end.  I like Marvels tone but it also is shot in such a way that allows for that.  Zack Snyder has trouble with that in all of his movies because of the hue of the film and the slow-mo, tough guy stuff that happens throughout all of his movies.  If Zack Snyder were to be compared to anything, he would be the Ed Hardy of directors, and I for one, wish he would stop making these movies.  But I think that some of the re-shoots both helped and hurt the movie when he left the project.  Like I said, the tone of this movie is what I liked the most but I do think it was confused as to what it was trying to be.

What can I say about Justice League that hasn’t already been said?  It was a fun movie, mixing in action, drama and cool super hero powers.  I got to see Batman and Superman kick ass together again and it set up potentially 4 future movies in the process, which I would go see if these actors were to be the stars.  With that said, I would need to see the movies go in a different direction and that means for me, a different director.  If you wanna have fun at the movies and don’t need to dissect the holy hell out of this film, you will like it.  If you go in knowing that Superman had to get a mustache CGIed off his face and his teeth look really dumb at some points and that bothers, you might hate it.  I think beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I liked this movie.  I didn’t love it and I also didn’t hate it, which is much, much more than I can say about the piece of trash that was Suicide Squad.  Justice League is a solid movie but I don’t think that will be enough to save the dying DC Movie Universe in the future.


The Good

  • Super Heroes finally unite!
  • The Flash and Cyborg made good debuts
  • Batman

The Bad

  • Steppenwolf is not a good villain for such a huge movie
  • CGI bloat
  • Zack Snyder is not the visionary he thinks he is
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