Top 5 Final Fantasy Games That Need To Be Remade

Top 5 Final Fantasy Games That Need To Be Remade
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It appears that Square Enix has some big plans for Final Fantasy in 2018. While there is the possibility they’re just talking about mobile games, we could still get something really cool. If you’re a fan of the franchise, you’ll know that there’s a ton of things Square Enix could do. For this list, I’ve narrowed it down to five games.

1) Final Fantasy Type-0 Sequel

This seems to be the most likely out of the bunch. The end of the Final Fantasy Type-0 had a teaser for a potential sequel, which looked very cool. A sequel would be the perfect opportunity to realise the potential of the original game. Type-0, being an ambitious PSP game, is rough around the edges and is held back by weak hardware. But a new game built from the ground up for PS4? Yes please.

final fantasy type-0 sequel

A teaser of what a new Type-0 could be.

There is still a lot that can be done with the plot. Apparently, the world of Type-0 was reset over 6 million times, so the possibilities for stories are pretty much endless. The teaser also seemed to focus on Ace, who seems to be the face of Type-0, despite there being 13 protagonists. Ace is also in the new Dissidia game, so that’s a sign of things to come. Right?

2) Final Fantasy XIII PS4 Collection

Now, don’t get the pitchforks, but Final Fantasy XIII is a good game. The two sequels are pretty mediocre, I’ll give you that, but the base game is solid on its own. There’s lots of customisation options and builds for the characters, and I really love that sort of thing in RPGs. I had more fun messing around with formations and party set-ups than the actual story or gameplay.

final fantasy 13

Come on, it isn’t THAT bad.

I’d be content if Final Fantasy XIII was the only one to come out on PS4, but I wouldn’t mind the whole collection since I have never played Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Lightning Returns. I can’t help but be a little curious as to what those games are like. And hey, all three are on Steam, so why not PS4 as well? It should be a relatively easy port for them to do, and there are enough fans to make up the cost. Get on it Square.

3) Final Fantasy VI Remake

Final Fantasy VI vs Final Fantasy VII, a battle for the ages. The endless debate to see which numbered title is the second best, because we all know Final Fantasy X is the best. Miyamoto said so. Anyway, Final Fantasy VII is getting some really nice plastic surgery to cover up those polygons, but what about Final Fantasy VI? I’d like to see a bit more effort than that awful iOS port that ruined the sprites.

I tried playing the original SNES version, but it felt just a tad dated. Maybe it’s just a bit before my time for me to fully enjoy. Still, whatever I managed to play was quite fun, and it seems to be very popular among fans. Final Fantasy VI is just as much an icon as number VII, and deserves the spotlight sometime in the future.

final fantasy 6 hd

No Square, that isn’t what we wanted.

4) PS1 Classics

final fantasy 8

Final Fantasy VII isn’t the most praised one, but it’s still Final Fantasy.

This is a bit more general, but I would love to see the rest of the SquareSoft RPG collection make their way to the PS4 like the recent Final Fantasy IX HD Remaster. There are so many excellent titles such as Chrono Cross, Xenogears and Vagrant Story that have been overlooked by many. Having them on the PS4 would make them all very accessible and introduce them to a new audience.

To keep things on topic, we should be seeing Final Fantasy VIII on the PS4 soon to round out the PS1 trio. So far, we have numbers 7, 9, 10, 12, 14 and 15 on the PS4, so it would be great if they added in the rest. If we were to have every numbered Final Fantasy on a single platform, I think that would be very special.

5) Final Fantasy Tactics 2

I saved the best for last. Another Final Fantasy Tactics would be the best thing Square Enix could do with the brand. It is absolutely criminal that this amazing series only has 3 games, two of which were hand-held titles. The original Tactics is a fantastic tactical RPG that tells an excellent war story. The two sequels, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance/Advance 2 are also great games, despite being fairly lighthearted.

final fantasy tactics advance

Maybe there’s a new game inside?

While my preference would be a sequel to the original Tactics game, I’m not going to be picky about it. At this point I’d take anything, even if it was just a remake. They can start by porting the two Tactics Advance games to current generation consoles. Hopefully, that gets people excited enough to make a brand-new entry financially viable to the business executives.

It really is a shame the Tactics sub-series never took off and got the success it deserves. I hope Square Enix is paying attention to how popular Fire Emblem is, and realise that there is a market for strategy games. One final note, don’t make it exclusive to any console. If there is a new Final Fantasy Tactics game, everyone should get to enjoy it.

The key is to keep our expectations in check. Of the five I’ve mentioned here, only Type-0 seems plausible because a sequel was teased. Even so, that doesn’t guarantee anything. If I had to pick just one, a new Tactics game would be it; no competition. Whatever ends up happening, I’m very excited to see the future of the Final Fantasy brand.

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