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$108bn In Revenue Generated By Gaming Industry in 2017

The results are in from SuperData for the Gaming Industry generated revenue of 2017, according to gamesindustry.biz.

The Gaming Industry generated well over $100bn in 2017, with the big players being the mobile and PC markets. The mobile genre ended the year bringing around $59.2bn, which was $14bn more than the previous year. Asia stands as the major player in the mobile genre, spending $36bn alone on mobile titles; $10bn more than 2016.


The PC sector’s smash hit, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, contributed to the $33bn success of the PC market as it alone generated 12% of the revenue for the total year, making $712m in its first eight months.  That is almost double the revenue that Overwatch made, which was the second most successful PC title of the year.

The VR/AR market also saw success, bringing in around $4bn combined for the year. That number is expected to grow this year as new concepts and platforms are being rolled out such as the Oculus Go, HTC Vive Pro, and the Samsung Odyssey.

The West continues to be the big spender in the realm of console gaming as North America spent $4.2bn on console games. Europe reportedly spent $3.1bn and Asia only around $200m. Western numbers are expected to increase another $200m in 2018 while the Asian market is expected to remain the same.


Gaming video generated $3.2bn in 2017 as more than half of that was acquired from Twitch at $1.7bn. Youtube, even though possessing double the audience of Twitch, only contributed to 22% of the total revenue for gaming video in 2017 at $690m.

The Esports category managed to bring in around $756m, 70% of  which was made in ads and sponsorships. SuperData predicts that this number will increase to $1bn in 2018 as advertisers and investors are starting to take more of an interest in the Esports platform.

Justin Howard is a Journalist for Mammoth Gamers who loves games and is a sucker for a good game bargain. When not playing games he's either watching series or sharing memes.