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Pokemon Go To Stop Running On Older iPhone Devices

Pokemon Go Is Getting An Update!

Bad news for all of you iPhone users out there. It may be time for you to upgrade your phone if you want to continue playing Pokemon Go this year. According to Vg247, and IGN, Pokemon Go developer Niantic, has announced that the app will no longer support Apple devices that run iOS versions older than iOS 11. Following the new update for that is scheduled to go out on February 28th, iPhone 5 and earlier iPhones will no longer run it. Niantic has stated that this change is a result of Pokemon Go’s improvements and that the updates will push past the capabilities of certain devices.

Upon release, people who play on the iPhone 5 will not be able to access any items in their bags. Unfortunately, the Pokemon Go population is made up of 6% of iPhone 5 users and that number continues to rise with the inclusion of older devices, according to Business Insider. So, go check and see if your device can run iOS 11 while you still have time. If not, you still have over a month to upgrade to a newer device if you want to continue playing Pokemon Go.

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