Final Fantasy XV Tips For Newcomers

Final Fantasy XV Tips For Newcomers
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Final Fantasy XV is finally on PC! That means a whole bunch of new players will get to enjoy this great RPG. Final Fantasy games tend to have complications and difficult mechanics. That’s where our Top 6 list comes in. The only tips you need to know if you’re new to FFXV, in no particular order. There will be no spoilers, so there’s nothing to worry about, so check out these six Final Fantasy XV tips for newcomers!

1.Try to use every weapon type

Noctis has the talent to wield many types of weapons. Greatswords, polearms and shields are only a few of your options. Keep one of each type in your inventory at all times. Enemies have weaknesses to a certain weapon type. If you have one of each, there should be no problem exploiting the weak point.

Don’t be afraid of using 5 or more weapon types. The combat in FFXV is as simple as it gets. You won’t have to memorise combos or the like. Not to say that every weapon is the same. The greatsword uses slow, but powerful, swings. Whereas with a simple longsword, you want to string together combos.

ffxv weapons

Swing your heavy sword Noct! *ahem*

2.Be conservative with your items (early game)

That’s right, I’m telling you not to abuse items in an RPG. For the first few chapters in any case. Money can be hard to come by at the start and you have plenty of items to buy. Weapon upgrades should be a priority. Use leftover money to buy items, if you need to.

Since you don’t have a lot of money to burn, the other option is sparse item usage. Don’t rely on potions and phoenix downs (revives). Phoenix downs, in particular, you should hold onto for the harder missions in the late game. If you come across the rare mega phoenix downs, don’t use them. They come in handy when the game throws difficult bosses at you.

This brings us to the next point.

3.Master the dodge

Like most action games, Final Fantasy XV rewards players who avoid damage. Fortunately, dodging is super easy (unfortunate for those wanting a challenge). You hold down the dodge button and that’s it. Noctis will dodge most attacks by himself. It drains your mana, but this is negligible after 10 plus hours.

final fantasy xv

This is 100% a successful dodge roll by Prince Noctis.

If you time your dodge, you won’t lose any MP. A decent incentive early-game, yet useless once you level up a bit. If the situation gets rough, you can warp to a safe point to heal your HP and MP.

You can’t auto-dodge every attack. Some of them need you to use your skills. You can dodge roll out of shock waves and heavy attacks. It doesn’t feel fluid or smooth. No way around it other than to deal with it and practice. In essence, learn to dodge so you don’t get item dependent. Final Fantasy XV will reward your skill. Usually.

4.Wait Mode

A somewhat hidden feature, Final Fantasy XV has a wait mode. When Noctis stands still, time will freeze for a while. You can use this to plan your next move, warp to a target or use Libra. The Libra spell allows you to scan the enemy to exploit weak points.

Bear in mind, wait mode is terrible. There doesn’t seem to be any benefit to this feature. The only use is Libra, which you can’t use in active combat. Even then, the information you need is available after killing a beast once.

ffxv wait mode

You can’t move in wait mode. You can wait though.

I only mention this mode in case the pace of combat overwhelms newcomers. Try out wait mode to calm the battles, but don’t get reliant. After you feel confident, switch to active for a smoother experience.


You can play through most of Final Fantasy XV without using any magic. It’s a pain to use and there are no defensive/healing spells. Some enemies have weaknesses to an element (fire, ice, thunder). You can substitute magic with elemental weapons. They do the same job, but better.

I don’t mean to discourage you. If you love using magic, then go ahead. They’re a spectacle to behold in action and great for hordes of enemies. I want to highlight that learning how to use magic is not essential. You can kick ass with Noctis fine with pieces of metal instead.

ffxv magic

Pro tip: Magic can hurt your allies!

Whether you use magic or not, remember to collect elemental energy when possible. You might change your mind and want to use a Fire spell. Having a second option for emergencies is never a bad plan.

6.Side quests and Hunts

It’s a good idea to do as many side quests and hunts as possible. You get either money or useful items like potions and phoenix downs. These quests will have you perform exciting tasks. Such as collecting frogs or killing some monsters.

The quests are usually easy and don’t take long. Even if you don’t find them interesting, they’re worth doing. Aside from items, quests give you experience points. You can rack up thousands of points and level up in bunches.

ffxv hunts

Remember to level up your Hunter Rank (no, it’s not as cool as Monster Hunter…)

The hunts are your second option. These are fun because you get to fight new monsters not found anywhere else. You also get rare drops and rewards from completing hunts. Initially, you could only accept one hunt at a time. That isn’t the case anymore. Start a couple of hunts and complete them at your leisure. A leisure we veteran players couldn’t enjoy (thanks, Square).

Follow these instructions and you will be a beast at Final Fantasy XV. Jokes aside, these steps will guide you to an efficient adventure. If you had to pick only one, for some reason, then conserving items is the best advice I can give you. Hold onto those mega potions and mega phoenix downs. They will save your life. A lot.

Other than that, remember to take your time and enjoy your time. Final Fantasy XV offers a lot of content, especially with the new updates. If the base game was good enough for 70-80 hours, the new version will clock you over 100. Good luck and have fun with the bros.

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