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Jurassic World Alive App Will Be Released Spring

A teaser was recently released giving us a brief glance at the new Jurassic World AR app coming to phones this spring. Jurassic World Alive appears to be greatly inspired by Pokemon Go, which took the world by storm almost two years ago. Jurassic World is one of many franchises being developed into AR apps in the wake of Pokemon Go, along with Harry Potter and The Walking Dead.

According to the brief teaser, the app will look very similar to Niantic’s Pokemon Go. The overworld has the same simplified overview of your surroundings, although there is no avatar in view when walking around. There also appear to be signs of two forms of in-game currency, so we will have to wait and see how they are implemented.

The developers have stated that Jurassic World Alive will allow you to collect DNA samples of the dinosaurs you find roaming around your neighborhood as a means of “capturing” them. The game will also contain a camera feature in order to make precious memories with your favorite dinos. Not to mention the inclusion of a battle system that allows you to engage you and your friends’ dinosaurs in combat!

The official release date of Jurassic World Alive has yet to be specified more than “This Spring.” However, one can assume it will be closely tied to the release of the movie Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom on June 22nd.

You can pre-register for the app on either their official website or the iOS/Android app stores.

For more information on Jurassic World Alive as it’s released, be sure to keep your eye on Mammoth Gamers news!

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