Top 10 Goku Transformations: Dragon Ball to DB Super

Top 10 Goku Transformations: Dragon Ball to DB Super
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Over the years Goku has broken his limits countless times. From Dragon Ball to DB Super, this list will rank all Goku’s transformations. From worst to best. Here we go.

10. False/Pseudo Super Saiyan

This is Goku’s strangest transformation by far. Its only appearance is in a non-canon movie, Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug. It was a last-ditch effort in a tough situation. The principle behind this transformation is the same as a regular Super Saiyan.

However, his rage wasn’t enough to result in the proper Super Saiyan transformation. There isn’t anything special about this form. It’s a bootleg Super Saiyan, that’s all. If it was canon, you could say it was Goku breaking his early limits. Other than that, nothing else about this form makes it memorable.

9. Oozaru/Great Ape

Another Saiyan form put on the shelf after a few uses. The great ape transformation lost relevance after the Saiyan saga. Only to return many years later in Dragon Ball GT. The great ape was a major aspect of the Saiyan race. It was their go-to power up in their thirst for planetary conquest.

Goku’s first record of this transformation was when he was living with this Grandpa Gohan in Dragon Ball. In this form, he kills his adoptive grandfather by accident. The next series where he transforms into an ape is Dragon Ball GT. In GT, the ape is golden and is the only way to achieve the Super Saiyan 4 transformation.

This is a decent transformation. It was a huge power boost back in the day. Vegeta in his great ape form posed a massive threat. Even Gohan was able to overpower Vegeta using the power of Oozaru. This transformation is no longer relevant. Meanwhile, Goku’s other forms offer a bit more than the great ape.

8. Super Saiyan 2

Goku’s Super Saiyan 2 form does nothing different to stand out from the regular Super Saiyan. In the Cell Saga, Gohan’s transformation meant something. It was an emotional build-up that resulted in his latent powers exploding. Latent powers that are exclusive to Gohan.

Goku’s Super Saiyan 2 has little context behind it. When he transforms, it doesn’t feel like the next big step in Super Saiyan transformations. It’s a useless transformation. Goku uses it against Majin Vegeta, which ends in a draw. That’s about it.

In Dragon Ball Super, the difference between Super Saiyan 1 and 2 is less noticeable. Goku’s hair doesn’t change all that much. The only difference is the electric aura. The worst part is how weak it becomes. There’s no reason for this transformation to exist.

7. Super Saiyan 3

I will never forget Goku’s epic Super Saiyan 3 transformation. Just when I thought Goku was at his limit after fighting Majin Vegeta, he pulls this out of thin air. His power-up causes a mini whirlwind in the nearby town. It was an awesome moment.

Unfortunately, this form has one major issue. It isn’t sustainable. Goku’s stamina drains at an excessive rate when using Super Saiyan 3. Making it useless in most situations. He can’t hold on to this form long enough to make a difference.

This form also has an awful success rate. He was able to beat the crap out of fat Majin Buu, but that’s it. Goku lost against Kid Buu, Janemba and Beerus when using this form. The only success Super Saiyan 3 had was in the movie, Wrath of the Dragon.

6. Super Saiyan Blue

If this was a list for the worst name for a transformation, this would be at the top. The original name for this form was Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan. What? In the Japanese dub, they call it Super Saiyan Blue. Or simply “Blue”.

The main problem with this form is the power scaling. It’s difficult to say how powerful it is. Super Saiyan Blue Goku got his ass kicked by Kefla. I know potara fusion multiplies one’s power levels, but this is ridiculous. There were also odd moments such as Goku fighting guys like Android 17 and Gohan with this form. How does that even work? Goku should be at a different level with this power.

This form is underwhelming. There are no notable feats, other than defeating Frieza and Hit. My favourite part is how awesome Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-Ken looks.

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