Twitch Prime Is Giving Free Games With Subscription

Twitch Prime Is Giving Free Games With Subscription
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Twitch is expanding the number of freebies it’s giving to Twitch Prime subscribers every month. The company, a subsidiary of Amazon, has announced a new program called “Free Games with Prime,” giving away a collection of free games with an associated Amazon Prime account.

Twitch has already been handing out free stuff to Twitch Prime members in the form of in-game items, while maintaining ad-free viewing and channel subscriptions. Starting this Thursday, March 15th, Twitch will offer a monthly selection of PC games for free.

Amazon and Twitch have been no stranger to giving away games through Twitch, recently giving away Devil May Cry HD on the PC. However, this new program significantly ups the volume of free games, giving Prime subscribers more reason to stay.  

Twitch Prime

Starting March 15th through March 31st, Twitch Prime subscribers will receive the following PC titles:



Mr. Shifty

Shadow Tactics

Tales from Candlekeep

Twitch has also announced the April lineup:

Tales from the Borderlands

SteamWorld Dig 2


Tokyo 42


According to a post on the company’s blog, Twitch Prime subscribers can keep those games forever. If you’re already a Prime subscriber, this new “free games” program definitely makes the deal all the more sweeter. Seeing Twitch give more and more back to the consumers will likely lead to more Prime subscribers. There’s never anything wrong with free games.

Twitch launched Twitch Prime in 2016. Membership to Twitch Prime is included with membership to Amazon Prime, which costs $99 annually or $12.99 monthly.

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