Avengers 4 Predictions: What Comes After Infinity War [SPOILERS]

Avengers 4 Predictions: What Comes After Infinity War [SPOILERS]
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What happens in the second half of Avengers: Infinity War is really anyone’s guess at this point. So, we asked three of our most enthusiastic Marvel fans, who also happened to get in on opening weekend, what their predictions are for the next Avenger’s film now that they have had a few days to ruminate. They also take a shot at anticipating what the mysterious Avengers 4 might be titled since the Russo Brothers are still keeping a tight lid on the whole thing.

Mark Kriska’s Prediction

The Russo brothers have said recently that everything at the end of Infinity War can be undone, but not without a high cost. This is what most fans already suspected. With a new Spider-Man and Black Panther on the way, it would be hard to have these characters permanently gone. I predict these characters should re-appear within Avengers 4.

In one story arc of Thanos: Infinity Gauntlet, the comics show a realm called the Spirit Realm which is essentially a space that souls go if captured by the Soul Stone. This, I feel, will play a huge part in Avengers 4. As Tony, Steve, Natasha, Thor, Rocket, Nebula, Okoye, and Bruce are looking for Thanos to make him pay, the rest of the Avengers are trying to escape the Spirit Realm. This will lead to Tony and Steve (if not all the original Avengers) sacrificing themselves to save the everyone who we lost. This will work on two fronts: the original Avengers avenging the lost and, once saved, the new Avengers dedicating their lives to avenge the ones who took their place.

My next prediction comes in the form of Ant-Man. With Hawkeye absent, but mentioned in Infinity War, I predict the sharpshooter will be in Ant-Man in some capacity. At the end of Ant-Man we will see Ant-Man, Wasp, and Hawkeye celebrating victory when someone suddenly disappears. Now this will be tricky to predict. I feel for the best story Hawkeye and Scott’s daughter will disappear, urging Ant-Man to take action. However, the more likely situation will be that Ant-Man will disappear, thus leaving Wasp and Clint to find the remaining Avengers to team up.

My final prediction (and this one is more of a long shot) is the name of Avengers 4. With Disney’s almost final acquisition of Fox, many believe a universe jump is needed. This may be true, but I don’t believe it will come in the form many think. A lot of rumors are that this current universe of Marvel heroes will invade one where mutants already exist. I disagree. I feel inserting mutants will detract from the Marvel Cinematic Universe already established in the last 18 movies. While in the Soul Realm I predict it will be a gateway to all worlds and realms. Inside the lost Avengers will be fighting a war to get out… a Secret War. In the comics, Marvel uses Secret War to tie up arcs and to bring together universes that are normally separate (i.e. Secret Wars 3 saw the Ultimate universe merge with the original characters universe, 616).

So, this will see our MCU merge with Fox/X-Men and Fantastic 4, and the movie will be called Avengers: Secret Wars.


Claire Fusich-Falzone’s Prediction

Honestly, Avengers: Infinity War was just the Russo brothers tag-teaming a beatdown on the hearts of Marvel fans. While everyone was so caught up on debating whether Captain America or Iron Man was going to die, I never thought to guard my heart towards the deaths of the newest Avengers, as well as the Guardians of the Galaxy. It seems like no coincidence that of those spared by Thanos’ cosmic act of genocide, the original cinematic Avengers managed to remain.

Due to the confirmation of sequels to Black Panther, Spider-Man, and Guardians of the Galaxy franchises, it seems highly unlikely that the fallen heroes of Infinity War will stay dead in the following Avengers film. I predict that time travel will be implemented in the fourth Avengers movie, where the original Avengers will be encouraged to team up and right some of the mistakes made by characters in Infinity War (looking at you, Star-Lord). A past version of Doctor Strange could be pretty useful in guiding the reformed Avengers by actually telling them what happens in the one timeline where they win, instead of being cryptic and mysterious.

In a slight tangent, no one really seems to be acknowledging Rocket Raccoon and his trauma during Infinity War. Since I’m a Guardians of the Galaxy fan first, and human second, I wholeheartedly hope that Rocket joins the Avengers on their mission to defeat Thanos and save everyone, and maybe have some light hearted banter with Thor. He’s literally cried in every single one of his cinematic appearances because of the death of his loved ones. Please Marvel, give him peace.

I predict that the unknown title of the next Avengers film will be Avengers: Resurrection, because if the Guardians and Spider-Man stay dead, my soul will remain in unrest for all eternity. Maybe Avengers: Rocket’s Revenge if Marvel listens to my strongly worded emails regarding their treatment of the little guy.

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Alisa Hail’s Prediction

Since Mark beat me to the Secret Wars prediction, I am going to go a slightly different route. I predict just as Thor: Ragnarok borrowed heavily from Planet Hulk, that the second half of Infinity War will borrow from other sources, such as the Thanos Imperative, particularly as it related to The Fault. Of course, this would be a massively simplified and streamlined version, and would have to flow into the current MCU storyline. So, I predict one of two scenarios:

  1. Those lost in The Snap will indeed make their way out of whatever realm they have found themselves in, but doing so will result in the creation of a rift in space-time.
  2. The surviving Avengers will use the Time Stone to rewind time, but doing so opens a major rift in the time-space continuum.

Either way, Thanos will eventually get trapped inside the rift, but the original Avengers, at least Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, stay behind to keep Thanos at bay until the others can escape the rift.

James Gunn has already once referred to the “the future Marvel Cosmic universe,” during an interview with SlashFilm. Opening the rift would be a good way to introduce characters and villains such as The Revengers (an alternate version of the Avengers), and the Man-Angled Ones (ancient and super powerful beings that live between universes). In fact, the Guardians of the Galaxy have a run-in with the Many-Angled Ones in the comics on an explorative mission into The Fault, so setting up a version of that storyline for Guardians of the Galaxy 3 makes sense. At least, it would make a good overall plotline for the next phase, and would also fall in well with Adam Warlock’s storyline, as he most likely will show up in the next Guardian’s film.

So, I predict the name of the next film will be Avengers: Thanos Imperative.

Also, Marvel, I want Loki back. Tom Hiddleston is signed for one more film, so don’t waste him on flashbacks. I am still thinking it was some sort of trick because he had to know that dinky knife wouldn’t work after seeing what Thanos did to Hulk. We aren’t picky, though. Even a Jedi-like Force ghost appearance would work. Just bring him back one more time. Thanks.