Deadpool 2 Review: New Movie, Same Deadpool

Deadpool 2 Review: New Movie, Same Deadpool
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Rated R superhero movies are no longer taboo. With the first Deadpool movie, we saw a box office smash hit with another comic book movie. They are something that we are told is supposed to be for kids, in which Wade Wilson should never be around kids, but this movie is for sure not for kids. Not even close. Flash forward a few years, and we have had some of the best and darkest superhero movies ever. A few, such as Logan, went above and beyond many peoples expectations and knocked it out of the park. Deadpool 2 came out this past weekend, and there were a lot of reservations about what this movie was going to be.

With re-shoots late in the editing process, mixed early screening reviews and the dreaded comedy sequel curse, there was a lot of writing on the wall for this to suck. Luckily for us, Ryan Reynolds was born to play Wade Wilson and we got another great installment to add to the rated R superhero vault. This film had it all: laughs, tears and a whole lot of gory goodness. Deadpool 2 is a little choppy at times but, that doesn’t take away from the amazing cast, the hilarious writing, and a killer soundtrack. If you were on the fence about going to see this, and loved the first movie, don’t be. Go see it. Here’s why:

SPOILERS BEYOND…You have been warned! Now let’s make the chimichangas.

The movie opens up to a huge shock, in that Deadpool’s girlfriend, Vanessa played by Morena Baccarin, is no longer with us. She dies in the first 15 minutes of the film, throwing Wade into a huge downward spiral and giving us one of the funniest opening credits to a movie ever. With multiple Deadpool posing in hilarious ways shots and Celine Dion belting in the background, I laughed out loud for the entire thing. This death set up the entire film for Wade to try to find his place in the world, all while trying to die. He figures that if he doesn’t have Vanessa and the family they planned on having, what was the point of living at all? Pretty deep for a Deadpool movie, if you ask me but! the movie does a lot of humorous things to try and cash in on that emotion. One being Wade literally blowing himself up to try to end it all and eventually being picked up in pieces by Colossus, voiced by Stefan Kapičić, and ending up at the X-men Mansion.

Wade goes through an existential crisis, in that he has no purpose and is asked to find his purpose in becoming a X-Man, or X-Men? X-Person? Either way, he agrees and goes out on a mission in which sets him off into a series of events that help Wade find out that family isn’t a bad kind of F-word. This movie is not about Deadpool trying to save the world, or even another person. This movie is a pity parade for Wade Wilson trying to get his groove back and it works.

Even though this is a Deadpool movie, where would he be without his cast of supporting actors and with some of his not so supporting as well. Deadpool 2 brings back some characters from the first movie, such as Vanessa, Dopinder the cab driver, Colossus, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and Blind Al, who all kill it the entire movie. The film also introduces a multitude of new characters, 3 of the main ones being Cable played by Josh Brolin, Domino played by Zazie Beetz and Firefist played by Julian Dennison.

Let me say that these additions are very much welcome. Cable is amazing with his tough guy attitude and complete annoyance with Deadpool. Brolin does a solid job at keeping character and not overdoing it on the acting side. There are some great interactions between Wade and the time traveling grumpy Gus and at times, we get a buddy cop feel between them. Domino steals the show in just about every scene she is in, and is luckily one of the few original X-Force members to remain alive after some unfortunate wind gusts (RIP Peter). We will see her again in an upcoming X-Force movie, which is great news for the franchise.

Throughout the movie we meet a multitude of characters and in them is a ton of star power. There are a ton of big names that cameo in the movie, both actors and comic book characters alike. Some of the coolest cameos turned out being quick scenes, such as the entire X-Men: First Class cast hiding out in the mansion, way away from Wade. Or the fact that Brad Pitt plays an invisible character, which we get to see only when that character is hilariously electrocuted to death for about a second.

One of the biggest shocks for all of the comic geeks out there, is the fact that we get to see the enormous villain, The Juggernaut, voiced by Ryan Reynolds. This was a cool cameo in that it is one of the most iconic X-Men villains out there and they make him incredibly dangerous and crude. Also, is there anything Ryan Reynolds can’t do in this movie? In one scene he rips Deadpool in half and leaves him there to die, all while Wade is fan-girling over the fact that The Juggernaut was doing it. Even the post-credit scenes were filled with cameos and self-deprivation as Deadpool goes back in time, using Cable’s time traveling device and “cleans up the storyline”. He visits the past and saves Vanessa, shoots Ryan Reynolds right before taking the part as Green Lantern, and even visits himself in a past X-Men film and takes care of that mess that was the OG Deadpool. All of the thought that went into this was amazing. They were details that hardcore fans absolutely loved and casual fans could appreciate, all thanks to what Ryan Reynolds put into this character.

Deadpool 2 is a funny movie. Period. It has some jokes that hit hard and others that are not so great but that’s okay. One of the best scenes in the movie comes toward the end, right after Deadpool has been ripped in half and is hanging out in Blind Al’s living room. We see him on the couch, top half completely normal, his bottom half however, is regenerating and well…he has toddler legs. Yes a body of a jacked dude and the legs of a 3-year-old. As far as visual gags, seeing Ryan Reynolds with toddler legs is as high as you can get. They even have a Basic Instinct moment that had the audience roaring. However, some of the jokes were too on the nose and just didn’t hit as much as the writers would want to. But, that’s Deadpool. Always on the nose.

The things I didn’t love were few and far between. The plot was jumpy and there were some incredibly convenient moments in the movie but it pans out because it’s a comic book movie. Side characters were slightly static and we could have used less of them. Time Travel is always annoying in any movie. There was a lot less action in the film than the first film and the trips to “visit” the dead Vanessa were a little too much for me, especially for a Deadpool movie. He’s not heartless, but Deadpool is not exactly a page out of The Notebook. Even so, all of the positives in this movie greatly outweigh the negatives.

Deadpool 2 is great. Not better than the first one because the first Deadpool was in a league of its own. But this movie proves that you can have a sequel that lives up to expectations and provides a path to other movies, without being absolute crap. Good writing and dedicated lead actors helped drive this film into that greatness and as a Deadpool fan, I am happy with this movie. With an X-Force movie on the horizon, I am glad this movie set up the team, let Deadpool shine, and was a hell of a good time.

If you didn’t like the first Deadpool movie, this one might still be way too goofy and immature for you. If you did like it, you might find this one to be even goofier than the first. Even so, Ryan Reynolds nails this movie better than any other movie I have seen him do. It is the role he was born to do, in which I am not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing…Deadpool 2 is out now and deserves your money. Go see it.


The Good

  • Deadpool is Deadpool in the movie
  • Great supporting cast
  • Hella funny
  • Great story with a bunch of action

The Bad

  • Jumpy plot
  • Some jokes hit or miss
  • Time Travel
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