Detroit Become Human Exclusive Interview: The Inside Scoop With E Gaffney – Part I

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Detroit Become Human is one of the most highly anticipated PlayStation titles this generation. As the hype continues to build for the game I got an opportunity to sit down with E Gaffney – who did voice and motion capture on various characters within the game.  In Detroit Become Human you will find yourself in difficult situations and will need to make split second decisions in order to mold your story. Each decision will yield various results and a lot of people will have different stories, as well as different endings within Detroit Become Human. The interview will be split into two separate parts. The first one below, and the second one being posted 1 week prior to the release of Detroit Become Human. So without further ado, let’s get on to the interview!

Mammoth Gamers (Daf Gape): I’m joined here by E Gaffney. First question, and a very important one – How are you?

E Gaffney: I am fabulous. It’s a beautiful sunny day today, blue skies, sunshine.

Mammoth Gamers: And just outside of Paris as well! Talk me through the audition process. How did you come about getting the job?

Gaffney: That’s a great question. My initial audition process: I was brought in, and asked to read with the casting director. They liked me so they brought me in for a callback and so I came back in and read for our director, David Cage. Then there was some waiting before they let me know that they were interested and wanted me to be a part of Detroit Become Human. After that, they sent me scripts for two more roles in Detroit Become Human and I did video auditions for them because they wanted to see my range. So that was four auditions and then I was offered a part in the game and I accepted. After that we did photos and 3D scans of my face in order to prepare everything to be in the game. Then quite a few months went by, and a lot of aspects of the game ended up changing. Some characters ended up merged into one.

Detroit Become Human

Mammoth Gamers: Did that happen to any of your characters at all?

Gaffney: Yes, so some of the characters they were interested in having me play were combined, some were cut; new writers were brought in so a lot of the game changed. I was brought back to read for David (Cage) and Ben (Diebling) over a year later, they were thrilled with my performance and they still wanted me in the game.

Mammoth Gamers: So you went through all these auditions; did the camera tests, the 3D scanning a year before doing any actual acting?

Gaffney: Yes, so altogether there was five auditions. And from my first audition to my final shoot was probably about three years.

Mammoth Gamers: That’s a long time to be working on one project. Let’s go back a bit: Was this the first time you’ve ever had your head 3D scanned?

Gaffney: It was. It’s not something that, as actors, we typically end up doing for a role. We ended up going in and taking somewhere between 300 and 500 photos of my face. It was essentially to get me at every angle.

Mammoth Gamers: You must have felt a little like Kendall Jenner.

Gaffney: Well it was better than the paparazzi because they were all so kind. And being in the studio with them was a lot of fun, y’know? It was “make this expression.” ‘And then we’re gonna get this expression. Then after that, they take the lasers and get a scan of pretty much everything from my shoulders up. And what’s really cool is that as this is happening, I’m seeing my face pop up in a 3D model on the computer. It’s the first time I’ve seen any sort of animated version of myself which was pretty cool. So you’re looking and you’re seeing Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe which was awesome.

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