Our E3 2018 Predictions – Fallout Online, New Star Wars, Halo, & More!

Our E3 2018 Predictions – Fallout Online, New Star Wars, Halo, & More!
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Can you feel it in the air, gamers? It’s the most wonderful time of the year! We aren’t talking about Christmas but for gamers worldwide, this IS their Christmas next month! Yes that’s right we are talking about E3 2018! The big show is less than 1 month away, and it is finally time for our annual predictions for the show set to kick off in Los Angeles in less than 2 weeks! We have predictions covered from all major players so let the hype begin – here are our official predictions for the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2018!


Sarah Hecker

This studio will have plenty of new games to announce, but none of them will be Elder Scrolls 6. As E3 draws ever closer, plenty of rumors have started swirling about what Bethesda will announce during the expo. Titles such as Starfield have been rumored for awhile now, while more recent leaks from Wal-Mart Canada that Rage 2 is officially on the way. While this is indeed exciting news for the studio, it may leave some fans disappointed if all they’re waiting to hear is news on the next Elder Scrolls game. Considering how much effort Bethesda has been putting into Skyrim and The Elder Scrolls Online, I highly doubt they’ve done much more than initial planning for the next game in this franchise.

Laura Mazerall

Fallout Online will finally be announced to the surprise and glee of Wastelanders everywhere. That’s right magic wielders and dragon slayers, our post-apocalyptic time has finally come and we won’t be seeing anything Skyrim or Elder Scrolls related at this conference. It will be revealed that the first release of FOO, as it will be quickly and affectionately called by fans, is going to take place in California. The entire radiated state will become our playground for solo adventures and multiplayer factions. The game will take place in the year 2177, one hundred years after The Great War, giving us our earliest look at the world post-fallout. The game will feature voice over work by Troy Baker as the wise, but weathered, wasteland grandpappy who will advise you on the quality of your gear and loadout based on the region you’re setting out to explore. A franchise first will include some of those sweet cars that we’ve seen rotting to dust in previous installments. Though the catch is that gas and repairs to your vehicle can only be done regularly by working with other players on the server. You’ll have to trade and accompany other players as their companion to get all of the goods that you need to survive.

Daf Gape

Here is everything you’ll see in Bethesda’s Press Conference. Nothing more, nothing less:

They’ll kick it off with a little joke about how Rage 2 was leaked ahead of time and start with a more in-depth look at Rage 2. Then we’ll stroll into Wolfenstein II Standalone DLC before we get to the boring lull of Quake Champions, The Elder Scrolls Online and The Elder Scrolls Legends. Luckily they’ll bring it back up to speed with Dishonored 3 and The Evil Within 2 DLC. Then they’ll smash it out the park with a new IP and finishing with a little 30-second trailer showing no gameplay, or barely anything actually, except for the official title of Elder Scrolls VI. Pete Hines mic drop.

Mark Kriska

Bethesda doubled down in the leak from Wal-Mart Canada. With not only revealing Rage 2 early, but by poking fun at Wal-Mart. This is great marketing and gets fans to have fun with it. However what does this mean for their E3 presser? Nothing. Rage 2 would have been a huge surprise, however I can’t see a world that Bethesda had that as their “game” to show. Although, this is where I run into problems. I don’t know what their big game could be. A new Fallout seems unlikely this soon, unless it’s a spinoff like New Vegas and if Obsidian is working on it could be likely. A new Elder Scrolls also seem out of the question. With Skyrim still releasing on everything and Elder Scrolls Online having a solid fan base I feel it will be a few years until we see Elder Scrolls VI. Dishonored has been tied up, The Evil Within just had a sequel, and Doom, Wolfenstein, and Pray didn’t release that long ago. So unless there is a hidden new IP, I think this conference will leave many of us wanting.

rage 2

Rage 2 has already been confirmed but what else is on the horizon for Bethesda?

Jonathan Dodge

I have a strong feeling that we’ll be seeing word about Doom 2 being brought to newer hardware, much like we saw with Doom two years back. Doom was beautiful in its updated gameplay and graphics, and I think it’s time for a second installment of the beloved series. Along with this, I think their Elder Scrolls series is going to finally get some well deserved love. We are either going to get a remastering of the remastered Skyrim, or finally see word about a sixth installment to the single-player RPGs, that might be a revisiting of a location from another game, set in the future of said game. Now, I think for their big release; they are going to release a battle royale themed game or game mode for Quake Champions. I see no reason why Bethesda won’t take part in the rise of popularity of battle royale games, and I think Quake is the series they’ll use for it. Quake being the safest title to use, as a failed game for something like Elder Scrolls could be bad.

DOOM 2? Yasssss sign us up!

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