Our E3 2018 Predictions – Fallout Online, New Star Wars, Halo, & More!

Our E3 2018 Predictions – Fallout Online, New Star Wars, Halo, & More!
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Sarah Hecker

While EA Play isn’t technically part of E3, considering it’s a few days before I’m lumping it in with this list. I believe EA will be strongly promoting Anthem in preparation for its 2019 launch, and hopefully, by this time, they will have some solid gameplay available for demonstration. Many BioWare fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Anthem, but have been frustrated with the lack of details so far. While I’m also secretly hoping for some Dragon Age 4 news, I won’t hold my breath. Anthem will almost certainly be the priority this year.

Daf Gape

EA will grin proudly when they claim they’ve listened to feedback and will have no micro-transactions in Battlefront 2. They will stand there, thinking they’ve done it. They’ve broken the internet and E3 will never be the same again. It will be awkward to watch and everyone in the world will passively shake their head as we see EA misunderstand the gaming community, yet again.They will also finally show off another Star Wars game and it will be fine. Just…fine. I believe the most exciting announcement from this conference will be Burnout Paradise 2, but we won’t see a release date. They will end their conference with an in-depth look at Anthem.

burnout paradise remastered

A new Burnout Paradise game would surely get the crowd fired up.

Mark Kriska

EA always reveals its hand early and it’s always the same games. Madden, FIFA, Battlefront/Battlefield, and some random unannounced game like Need for Speed, or Mirrors Edge. It’s always a predictable show, and even if you’re excited about one of the annual games usually shows nothing surprising. Regardless, this year everyone will be clamoring to see Anthem. Bioware has a lot to prove to fans after the release of Mass Effect: Andromeda. A game that was a mess, but could have been fixed if EA and it’s investors forgave just one more delay. So Anthem will be the make or break game for Bioware, even for as unfair as that is. The one surprise that would be good for the goodwill of EA would be if they announced Titanfall 3. Titanfall 2 would have been a success if EA hadn’t released it alongside Battlefield 1 as a hope to take out Call of Duty. However I doubt they would announce Titanfall 3, but you never know.

Could a third Titanfall game be coming?


Jason Arriola

Nintendo is easily who I’m most excited to see at E3. Nintendo Switch was very early in its lifespan at just three months old during E3 2017. Now that it’s clearly a huge hit, this is Nintendo’s time to bring Nintendo Power to the console. I believe Super Smash Bros. will not be a port of the Wii U and 3DS games, but entirely original. What would make this entry a little different? How about multiple Final Smashes for every character?  This game’s WTF characters will be the cast of Doki Doki Panic since they were replaced with Mario characters. With Metroid Prime 4 in development, and following the string of ports to the Nintendo Switch, I’m hoping for a remastered HD port of the Metroid Prime Trilogy. Other things I think we’ll see: tease of Pokemon for Nintendo Switch, how online play for NES games will work, expansions for Nintendo Labo, Nintendo 64 Classic Edition, and the return of “long lost” franchises like Earthbound or F-Zero.

Jonathan Dodge

I don’t own a Switch, but I think after E3 2018, I’m going to have to. I think Nintendo is going to announce a few titles we all want for their new hardware; Pokemon, Animal Crossing, and to top it all off, a new piece of hardware. I honestly think we are going to be shown the Nintendo Switch Pro this year, without a doubt. I think Pokemon is going to be their opening piece, which will show either a reboot of Pokemon Silver and Gold, or a new one all together. They will then show us some info Animal Crossing Old Tree; which might take some elements of prior games. They will even finally show us some of Metroid 4; with enhanced graphics. These enhanced graphics will be all thanks to the Nintendo Switch Pro. I think this new hardware will have enhanced display, enhanced graphics card, and most likely more built in storage, as Nintendo makes a push towards their online service.

Curry Mitchell III

Nintendo will definitely steal E3 2018 if they present the Pokemon game for the Switch at E3. The Nintendo Switch has done big things this year with the Nintendo Labo and a line up of amazing games, so fans are eagerly awaiting another 5-star release from the Japanese company. There’s a lot of hype surrounding Pokemon, as it has garnered plenty of fans over the decades of its existence, so any information involving it’s release is sure to drum up plenty of Nintendo Switch sales.

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