EA’s E3 2018 Presentation Recap: Anthem, Star Wars, and Streaming

EA’s E3 2018 Presentation Recap: Anthem, Star Wars, and Streaming
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EA has for the last few years attempted to distinguish themselves from other developers and distributors by focusing on the players. This is why EA says they moved their booths into a separate space from E3 rather than sharing space on the common floor. So, it makes sense that EA’s E3 presentation kicked off by highlighting EA Play, the three day gaming festival EA has now hosted for three years in a row during E3. Gamers can come and get a hands-on experience of any game available for free.

A yet unnamed cloud streaming service

EA also announced their commitment to making their games available across as many platforms as possible by allowing the player the freedom to choose what games they play, where, and when. Though this service was not yet given a name, players will eventually be able to stream EA games in high definition on mobile and other devices.

Origin Access Premier

Origin Access Premier will be a paid subscription service that will launch later this summer. No exact date or price point was provided during the presentation. The service will give PC gamers access to new titles prior to their release date. The service will launch with all new PC games starting with Madden NFL 19, Fifa 19, and Battlefield V, along with EA’s library of past games.

Battlefield V

Playing into their commitment to give players what they want, and likely as a form of penance, the Battlefield V announcement also included a promise that there will be no loot boxes. Also, a premier subscription will not be necessary to play.

Some of the advances announced in the fifth installment include the ability to move defenses around the battlefield. Players can customize their characters for both battle as well as for looks. And, perhaps the biggest change is the addition of a battle royale mode. There will also be a Grand Operations mode that will serve as a multiplayer mode where players will engage in large operations spanning multiple maps.

EA said they wanted Battlefield V to tell the stories of real people and the very real struggles of war.


FIFA 19 will feature the UEFA Champions League which can be accessed from a dedicated mode within the game. This will launch Sept. 28 on all platforms.

During the presentation, EA claimed they have been making improvements to gameplay based on community feedback and input from pro FIFA players. However, given the short length of the presentation, no specific details were given.

If you can’t wait until September, players can go ahead and experience the FIFA 18 World Cup mode free trial for PS4 and Xbox One.

New Star Wars Title Announced

During a short audience interview, Vince Zampella from Respawn gave a few brief details on the studio’s next Star Wars game, including the game’s title.

Jedi: Fallen Order will allow players to take on the powers of the Force during what Zampella described as the “dark time” during which the Jedi were being hunted. The story will specifically take place between Episodes III and IV and will be available holiday season 2019.

Star Wars Battlefront II

A bevy of new content was announced for Star Wars Battlefront II including a new Hunt Mode starting with the Ewoks on Endor. A new squad system will allow people to team up easier and play with friends. Also, a large-scale sandbox experience centered around capturing command posts will give players a fun and unique gameplay experience.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, but also happily for fans of Han Solo and the new film following his origins, content from Solo is coming next week. This storyline will take place on the dangerous spice mine planet, Kessel and features the return of Extraction Mode. 

Finally, in a massive nod to fans, Star Wars Battlefront II will delve into the Clone Wars. This new addition will feature multiple levels, including the largest level ever on Battlefront. General Grievous will take on Obi-Wan Kenobi (making his first appearance on Battlefront). And, of course, following close by will be none other than Anakin Skywalker.  

battlefront ii star wars

Unravel 2

The first Unravel used yarn to depict love and the bond between people. In the sequel, Unravel Two, you begin will becoming totally unraveled on a very literal level. But, you soon discover another yarn creature like yourself. The two of you find an honest connection, reigniting your spark, and moving through the rest of the game together.

You can play alone or in co-op, but either way, both characters must share one yarn and work together to make their way over dangerous platforms, away from pesky enemies, and to solve daunting puzzles.

The developer said the second installment was designed to be friendlier, yet more challenging. You carry the other character during the faster paced segments if you play alone. During puzzle sections, solo players can also switch back and forth between characters.

For those looking for some fast, fun, and friendly co-op play, or perhaps a slightly more challenging single player puzzle experience, Unravel Two is available today.

Sea of Solitude (S.O.S.)

Sea of Solitude, appropriately shortened to S.O.S., is developed by a small indie game studio from Berlin called Jo-Mei. It focuses on a young woman consumed by loneliness and all the dark emotions associated with isolation. She has become a monster, and your job is to restore her humanity.

“When humans get too lonely they turn into monsters,” one of the game’s developers Cornelia Geppert explained. She added that the game is so powerful because nearly all humans can relate to the feeling of being lonely.

The game offers a platforming and action experience that can either be played solely for entertainment. But, for those who wish to delve deeper, there is profound meaning to be discovered.

Sea of Solitude is currently scheduled to release in 2019.

NBA Live 19

During the presentation, NBA Live 19 received only a short trailer, looking much like what you can expect from an NBA Live game. But, we were given a release date: September 7.

Madden NFL 19

In similar vein, no new information was given for Madden NFL 19. Instead, we heard from Madden 18 Championship winner Young Kiv, followed by a trailer for the new title. Madden NFL 19 will be released on August 10.

Command and Conquer Rivals

Taking a little different approach to the short speech followed by a trailer presentation, EA chose to showcase Command and Conquer Rivals as a live demo. This newest iteration of the title is a real time strategy mobile game which pits competitors against one another in quick, head-to-head matches.

Your goal is to destroy the other player’s base using a giant missile. You gain command of the missile by maintaining command of the majority of the control points.

Looking for some fast and furious RTS action? Well, you are in luck. Command and Conquer Rivals is available today on mobile devices.


EA’s presentation closed with more information on the much-anticipated Anthem developed by Bioware. Three Bioware representatives showed up to answer questions about the project, followed by some in-game footage.

Bioware wanted to make a dynamic game where the world changed every time you came back to play it. But, this a difficult thing to do while also offering the player an experience of their own; their on story. So, Bioware decided to break up the experience into both multiplayer and single-player.

In the open world, you focus on missions and this is where other players come in. It is a living, shared world. Everyone experiences this world together. When you go back to your base it becomes a single player experience. Here you can speak to and get to know in-game characters, or cash-in your rewards. This is where it becomes your story. Anthem is specifically designed so story can be added for years to come.

Players can customize their characters through both gear and weapons, along with their individual look and style. However, Bioware promised loot boxes would not be available. You will be able to buy customization and vanity items, but you will know what you are purchasing before you do so. Weapons and other gameplay advantages will not be available for purchase.

For those who wish to take on missions solo, you can. The game will just be far more difficult.

Anthem is scheduled for release on February 22, 2019.

You can view the entire presentation below:

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