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Geeked In: I’m Still Hooked On Hearthstone

A little over a year ago, I wrote an article making the bold statement that Hearthstone might be my favorite game.  I am here to tell you, it still might be true. With God Of War, a new Destiny expansion, Detroit: Become Human and the South Park sequel there have been some amazing games released in the last year. Games that have absolutely amazing stories, stunning graphics, and flawless controller schemes.  However, I am still sticking to my guns that Hearthstone may be one of the better games out there at the moment.

Since my last article we have had several major expansions to Hearthstone that introduced a number of new cards and a new game mode. While the addition of new cards is an exciting time in any card game, what really sold me were the single player additions.  As a Dungeons and Dragons player, Kobold and Catacombs brought a classic Dungeons and Dragons staple to HearthStone. I am talking about a good old fashion dungeon crawl. A grind of foes that you must defeat one at a time with one goal in mind: Loot.

You begin with a small deck of cards.  You start off facing a basic boss that is easily beaten.  As you progress the bosses increase in difficulty. With each defeat you are given the option of various loot that will assist you along your way. The further you get, the bigger the boss, and the better the loot.

The second expansion Witchood added the same type of challenge, only you are provided a set of new Heroes unique to the solo adventure.  These heroes and their abilities are not playable otherwise. Each boss in this dungeon crawl takes less time than it would to complete a regular match. Which makes it even more accessible for the player on a time crunch.  I am able to sit down on the 15 minute train ride to work and beat one to three bosses depending how far I am. Those moments of peace right after you get home from work are the perfect time to knock out a boss or two as well.  Both adventure has a pool of enemies that it will pull from and that makes each run slightly different.  While at the same time the treasures you receive from each victory will vary too. Meaning that you will never have two runs be exactly the same.

Even though I have completed all of the Heroes and the solo adventures, I still find myself going back and playing through the solo Hearthstone adventures.  There is a relaxing feel that comes with being able to zone out and play a card game.

Hearthstone may not be extremely graphics intensive.  It may not have a compelling story line. What it does have is the same feel as a traditional trading card game combined with the accessibility of the internet. It is a feeling that any pack cracking card jockey will know well. While I may not play every single day due to real life, I do log in at least every other day for a short amount of time.  I believe that it is safe to say that I am still hooked on Hearthstone.

Former competitive Halo Coach, and former Microsoft Fan Boy. He is also a self proclaimed Star Wars Guru. He can be reached either on twitter at @OhMyApollo or Apollo@MammothGamers.com