Mario Tennis Aces Review: Not Quite the Ace We Wanted

Mario Tennis Aces Review: Not Quite the Ace We Wanted
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Mario Tennis has been a staple of Nintendo systems for over 20 years now, giving the first of its title in 1995 on the Virtual Boy. If you remember anything about the Virtual Boy, it should be that Mario Tennis was a blast then and is still a blast today, after a bunch several iterations of Mario Tennis through the years. Mario Tennis Aces for the Nintendo Switch is a crazy fun game but is not a complete success. It’s new take on a classic game might have some people wishing for something a little more….traditional. Even so, amazing mechanics and Mario characters galore make this summer time blockbuster worth a purchase.

Aces brings you into the game, having you play through a quick tutorial. It drives you through the various shots, trick moves and special abilities that you can use during each match. The easy moves are the ones that you use the most but you have to figure out how to effectively use all of the moves to not get wrecked online by all the “pro” tennis players out there. Mastering speed, lob and drop shots prove useful on the court.

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With a slew of characters to choose from, each one has their own unique strengths and weaknesses, allowing for players to find their sweet spot. Some characters are great for beginners, like Mario and Luigi, and others are poised for the more experienced players, such as Boo or Chain Chomp. Due to their unique top spin, power and speed, each character is easy to use but hard to master. Some have mastered the tough characters and many people online have called for those characters to be buffed due to the fact that they are almost unbeatable when mastered. The curve on Boo’s shot is insane and allows for players to be constantly running and being tricked, which I feel is all part of Mario Tennis Aces. It is, however, one of the most public critiques of this game.

Mario Tennis has a couple of different modes, including a free play mode, adventure mode, a swing mode and a tournament mode, both online and offline. All of these modes have a good deal of replay-ability but some are much better than others Let’s take a look at these modes in depth.

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The Good

  • Mechanics are solid
  • Wide variety of characters
  • Incredibly fun multiplayer

The Bad

  • Too far away from traditional tennis
  • Short games can be frustrating
  • Online play is too tricky for casual players
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