I Don’t Play Fortnite (And That’s Okay)

I Don’t Play Fortnite (And That’s Okay)
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This is not to say that there isn’t a leveling system at Fortnite. While there are some tiers to be achieved, the only thing that changes in the game is your appearance. So, what do I have to show for all of my hard work? How about a basketball hoop instead of a hang glider and maybe I can look like John Wick so everybody will know that I collected enough ammo boxes and shot at people with a specific type of gun enough times to look cooler. Seems silly when you step back a bit doesn’t it? Oh, and maybe I can show off my kooky little dance!

(Note: After Katy Perry’s horrible performance on SNL this year and the Shazam trailer I’m ABSOLUTELY all set with this “floss” dance)


I threw this in here because it needed to be said. I get that it’s called FORTnite and I’m supposed to build forts in order to win at this game. However, I don’t think I need to be a civil engineer to win what basically boils down to a third person shooter. Out of all the points I’ve made or am about to make, this one is preference alone, and nothing anybody can say will change my mind.

I Don't Play Fortnite (And That's Okay) 1

Am I trying to shoot people or start a new civilization?


I might be alone on this one, but I don’t like a game that is CONSTANTLY updating weapons, gameplay, adding items, taking items away, nerfing items, buffing items, etc.  All this says to me is that Fortnite has grown so much so quickly that the devs are just trying to keep pace. I’m sure if you asked anybody at Epic they would tell you that they were wholly unprepared for what this game has become. By my count, there have been 56 updates to the game since its release.  For you math majors out there, that is more than one per week.

I Don't Play Fortnite (And That's Okay) 2

This is dumb any way you look at it.


Maybe this is me being an Old Head, but if this is a game about shooting other players with firearms let’s have a little more grit to it. Fortnite has become so popular because it gives younger players a chance to play a violent video game that looks like it was produced by the good people of Disney Jr. The genius behind Fortnite is that they have successfully masked the would-be controversial parts of their game by making it look like an episode of Teletubbies complete with whatever dance the kids are doing these days*.  

To be fair, this is just my take on Fortnite. I’m not attempting to be completely contrarian about something that is obviously a complete smash hit. I want Fortnite to succeed because I want gaming to succeed. I want every person who streams a video game to get the most followers they can, and I also want you to get your “Victory Royale” every single time you play.  At its core, Fortnite is a fun game that somehow struck the nerve of professional and casual gamers alike, and that is something for which we are all better. The gaming community is booming because Fortnite exists and for that I am grateful. Just don’t ask me to like it. Not everybody is going to be rooting for the frontrunner.  There are plenty of people who aren’t on board with the Golden State Warriors.

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