Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay Trailer Details

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As promised, Rockstar Games released the first official gameplay trailer for the upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2. Take a look at the trailer above.

The trailer, capture with in-game footage, comes in just over six minutes and has plenty of details for fans to comb over. The trailer begins with protagonist Arthur Morgan in jail, with one of his fellow Van der Linde gang members breaking him out.

A narrator begins to set up the story, set before the events of the first Red Dead Redemption in 1899, and the goals Rockstar Games is crafting.

Wide vista shots, close quarter combat, new gunplay, and the ability to intimidate inhabitants of the world with not only your guns but also your words and fists are some of the features highlighted in the demonstration. The trailer stresses a deeper world to interact with during your play.

During gameplay, Rockstar revealed more of the world you’ll play in. Mountain trails, dense forests, desert lands, harsh winter lands, and even a modern city show there is a variety of locations to explore. The open-world has a vibrant ecosystem to discover. Shown in the trailer were bucks, deer, alligators, hawks, bears, and wolves. There is a tracking system in place to help you hunt these animals in the wild. Animals serve a dual purpose in Red Dead Redemption 2; they can be used for food for your camp or cash for new weapons.

Arthur and the Van der Linde gang is on the run from the law, and every time they move, they set up camp, which acts as your home base. At your camp, you’ll get to know your fellow gang members, play games with them, and unlock secrets. You also have to keep morale up by hunting for food.

Your choices affect the surrounding world. One example shown was Arthur Morgan saving the life of an NPC, only to question the choice he made. Other NPCs will react to your decisions, one townsfolk yelled at Morgan because he killed her cousin.

Gunplay has also gotten an update. Rockstar focused on how each weapon will feel unique, have realistic recoil and reloading. The Dead Eye system is back, but Rockstar promised to go into more detail at a later time.

Your horse is taking a bigger role this time around. There are many types of steads to ride; some will be better for other jobs like hauling a wagon. You’ll develop a relationship with your horse over time, and they’ll become easier to ride. Your horse can also hold extra weapons and cargo with the saddlebags.

At the end of the trailer, the narrator promises another gameplay video in the future focusing on missions, activities, enemy gangs, and robberies. A release date for that trailer was not given, but with the full release set for October 26th, expect it in a reasonable amount of time.

As always, we’ll keep you updated on Red Dead Redemption 2 information as it comes. Keep it locked here on Mammoth Gamers.

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