Top 5 Ways Star Wars Resistance Can Be Good

Top 5 Ways Star Wars Resistance Can Be Good
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Lucasfilm recently pulled the curtain back even more on Star Wars Resistance, the new upcoming animated successor to Star Wars Rebels, by giving the spotlight to the show’s featured characters. Reception to the latest preview was once again polarizing, to put it politely. Yet, in the matter of Star Wars, I tend to give something new in the franchise a try before I render an informed opinion. In other words, ‘don’t knock it until you try it’ as they say. That being said, here are five ways in which Star Wars Resistance can make for a decent new show in the galaxy far, far away.

  1. Dave Filoni

It should come as no surprise that Dave Filoni is at the helm of the Star Wars animated front. If you don’t know it, Dave Filoni is the director of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, producer and director of Star Wars Rebels, and even the director of several episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender. The man is no stranger to animation, and if you’re a fan of the aforementioned shows then Star Wars Resistance at least earns the benefit of the doubt in this regard.

Even the most passionate of Star Wars fans have taken to demanding that Filoni be installed as the new president of Lucasfilm. Here’s a man who’s thinking about the story several steps ahead. Star Wars Rebels could have gone on for another season, but Filoni took it upon himself to stand before the audience at last year’s Star Wars Celebration and announce the series would end the following year. I like to think that Rebels went out on a high note, and that was due in part that Filoni told the story he wanted to tell.

Plus, if Star Wars Resistance ends up not being your thing, you  can all still look forward to the eventual return, and possible conclusion to, Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

  1. Art Style

You saw that correctly. The art style of Star Wars Resistance was a bit of an assault on the eyes when it was eventually revealed with its first footage. Well, okay, it was 90,000 dislikes worth of a shock judging by the first look trailer. Still, let’s look at this from a gamer’s perspective shall we? Remember when The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker was revealed to feature cel-shaded graphics? Nintendo teased a dark iteration in the franchise through an equally gloomy Zelda tech demo before that Wind Waker reveal happened and I remember feeling so crushed that we were going to play a Zelda cartoon instead. Today, however, Wind Waker is adored by many.

The art style of Star Wars Resistance is slowly growing on me. With the newly released footage, there are some quite dynamic scenes. I already see the presence of rather fluid animation, and I say this in terms of the show’s environment. I think several of the characters could use more buffs to their textures, but I like how the art looks in relation to the character’s surroundings. Even the first look at Star Wars Rebels, admittedly, made my stomach churn a bit. Yet that show made a lasting impact on the Star Wars canon.

  1. Expanding the Lore

Dave Filoni begins the recently released “Meet Team Fireball” video by saying that the characters of Star Wars Resistance won’t be “caught up in the bigger things going on in the galaxy.” I think that’s just a ruse to throw us off track for awhile. If anything, like Rebels before it, Resistance will begin its first few episodes with world-building filler. Kaz, one of the new characters, is said to have been tasked by Poe Dameron to spy on the First Order. That’s unquestionably the definition of getting caught up in the bigger things going on in the galaxy.

I’m very certain of this because I believe Captain Phasma has a role to play in Resistance. I’m confident in this because there exists leaked artwork of a Resistance stylized Captain Phasma and First Order stormtroopers alongside the show’s protagonists. Furthermore, you see that trooper in red armor in the picture above? Pause the “Meet Team Fireball” video at 2:51. Doesn’t that red trooper look familiar?

Who knows how this could tie into the greater Star Wars canon as the series goes on. With Filoni as the head of the project, could we somehow get hints at what happened to Ezra and Grand Admiral Thrawn? Ahsoka and Sabine’s journey to find Ezra? I mean, even the First Order emerged from the Unknown Regions after decades of licking their wounds and rising from the ashes of the Galactic Empire. The creative liberty is there.

  1. Different Settings

One thing the prequels did really great was introduce the fandom to diverse locations in the galaxy. There were numerous new planets we got to experience. It really did feel like an expanded universe. In keeping with The Clone Wars and Rebels, in which both shows also delved into unexplored territory, Star Wars Resistance looks to do the same. There’s mention of this “Colossus”, which I infer is the grand structure towering above the ocean surface, similar to the structures on the planet Kamino. It’s said that Team Fireball is in the racing business, but I doubt their racing will be confined to this planet.

With the threat of the First Order on the horizon, chances are that Team Fireball may have to take their antics elsewhere. Then again, if they want to take a page out of the Rebels guidebook, instead of being a single rebel cell Team Fireball can eventually join the elite ranks of the Resistance. General Leia Organa can be seen briefly in the latest video after all. This, of course, could open the universe up to exploration once again as the Resistance constantly shifts from one base to another. Additionally, if Dave Filoni’s team wants to play up the racing gig over the course of the series, imagine what planetary or celestial circuits we can see. The first time I saw The Phantom Menace, I recall being so entertained by the podrace sequence. Qui-Gon Jinn told Anakin Skywalker that he’d seen races on Malastare, and I was intrigued to learn that this was a regular occurence in the galaxy at large. Races in those peculiar spacecraft shown in the trailer can make for dazzling visual sequences.

star wars resistance

  1. Room To Grow

Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels have something else in common: they start out very child-friendly, but eventually open up to explore more adult, or ominous undertones. For anyone who would say that The Clone Wars and Rebels are purely kid shows, I would retort with episodes that defied expectations, or really tugged at the heartstrings (the General Krell arc, when Anakin loses Ahsoka, when Ezra, Kanan, and Ahsoka’s destinies are guided by the Force, and, I won’t spoil it but, the entire episode called “Dume”).

I’m sure we can expect Star Wars Resistance to have a similar slow start to build up the immediate setting as well as our new team of heroes. At some point I’m sure destiny will arrive and beckon their involvement. I’m sure, because it appears that Resistance takes place about six months before the events of The Force Awakens. Six months later the First Order will destroy Hosnian Prime, the home of the New Republic Senate, leaving the Resistance in desperate need of help, more so after the events of The Last Jedi.

With Episode IX more than a year away, Resistance may go on to fill in gaps between the movies of the sequel trilogy. After all, the sequel trilogy takes place in a short and turbulent time. Compared to the original trilogy, the Galactic Empire had been reigning largely unopposed for nearly a couple of decades before the Rebellion was formed and took action. Perhaps Team Fireball won’t get too caught up in the fiercest moments in the sequel trilogy, but that doesn’t mean they won’t feel the ripples of war throughout the galaxy.

Thank you for taking the time to read. Are you willing to give Star Wars Resistance a shot, or are you more likely to dismiss it altogether? No doubt you can count on some coverage of the show when it airs here on Mammoth Gamers. Until then, may the Force be with you!

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