What We Expect, and Don’t Expect, From the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct

What We Expect, and Don’t Expect, From the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct
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During Evo 2018 this past weekend, Nintendo announced an all Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct for August 8th at 7 AM Pacific Time. This news set fans into hype-filled talk about what they want to see during this Nintendo Direct. Before the event confirms new information, here are three things I think Nintendo could announce, and three things I think they will avoid announcing during tomorrow’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct.

What to expect

New Characters

During E3, Nintendo confirmed that every playable character from the series’ past is showing up in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Game director Masahiro Sakurai then confirmed two new characters, the Inklings, from the Splatoon series, and Ridley, from the Metroid series. With 65 confirmed characters, it’s hard to believe fans want any more, right?

I think there will be the confirmation of no more than five new characters during tomorrow’s Direct. Who could join the roster? Well, leaks are pointing towards King K. Rool and Dixie Kong from Donkey Kong Country joining the list, and those are safe bets if new characters are announced. Donkey and Diddy Kong are currently in the roster, so more from those games are always a welcomed addition.

What about third-party characters though? Ever since the addition of Snake and Sonic in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the possibility of fighters from outside of Nintendo’s franchises has been high. Even Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS had Mega Man, Pac-Man, and eventually added Ryu and Cloud. So what game series should be represented next? How about Crash Bandicoot or Simon Belmont? Is it possible Microsoft will allow Banjo to join?

New Stages

This is a gimme, especially if Nintendo shows off new characters. Rumors are swirling about there being over 100 stages to play on, and there is a ton of Nintendo history still left to explore. Will Super Smash Bros. Ultimate have stages geared towards old-school NES titles? How about more Donkey Kong levels, such as ones inspired by the recently re-released Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze? I think that’s a safe bet as well. WarioWare was represented in the previous entry, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see 1-2 Switch getting some love. It did sell over a million copies.

Now, here’s a crazy idea: what about remixed stages? Stages that start one way, and eventually make it to another. Imagine, you start out battling three of your friends in front of Hyrule Castle, but minutes into the battle, you’re thrown into a battle in the Lylat System, and you finish your match in the gardens of Peach’s Castle. That would add to the insanity Super Smash Bros. is known for, and add a new mode to the established formula.

Single Player Mode

I have fond memories of running through Adventure Mode in Melee, and I do believe that Subspace Emissary was better than most people remember. I’d like to see Nintendo return to having amazing single-player experiences. To me, that was the Achilles heel of Super Smash Bros. Wii U.

Of course, bringing back the mini-games such as Home Run Contest and Break the Targets would make this game an instant day one purchase for me (it already is I promise!). These modes add depth to the games, and I fully expect Nintendo to at least tease the return of great single player content.

What not to expect

Online Functionality

Will this be mentioned? Possibly. Will it be detailed? No. Nintendo has been shy about many of the details of their paid online service. Yes, we know that it will be required to play online, and we know that your subscription will net classic NES games. We don’t know if there is going to be a party system, cross-game chat, or even a basic messaging system in place.

That’s why I don’t expect them to talk much about online at this time. The online modes deserve their own time in the spotlight, and with the paid service launching in a short time, that may be when Nintendo decides to shed more details.

Confirmation of Numbers

This may seem like a boring one, but don’t expect Nintendo to talk about how many stages and characters are in the game. Rumors are swirling everywhere about how much is in this game, but I believe they want to let each character and stage reveal shine in the spotlight.

Talks of a Demo

I’m hoping I’m wrong here, but I wouldn’t hold my breath about a demo, for the moment. With about a little over four months left before the game launches, there’s plenty of time left for a demo. I don’t think Nintendo needs to talk about one at the moment.

In fact, I could imagine they could tie the demo in with their online service. What if the demo comes free for everyone that subscribes to the paid Nintendo online service, at least until the game launches? It sounds crazy to attach a demo to a paid service, but Smash Bros. fans are rabid. Let’s face it though, isn’t that what most developers and publishers do with pre-orders anyways?

We only have a short amount of time left before Nintendo confirms any of this. What do you think they will show off tomorrow? Of course, keep it locked here to Mammoth Gamers as we keep you updated on all things Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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