15 PlayStation Classic Games That Should Be Included on the PlayStation Classic

15 PlayStation Classic Games That Should Be Included on the PlayStation Classic
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Late last night, Sony announced the PlayStation Classic, a miniature version of the beloved console. So far, only five games have been announced: Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3, and Wild Arms. The company announced that there will be 20 games pre-loaded when it launches December 3rd. That leaves 15 left to be filled by incredible games. Before we get started, the PlayStation Classic games should be a list that represents not only a great library but also has some variety for fans old and new. I also took into account some of the recent and upcoming remasters and re-releases (though you will see a couple of games on this list that have had a remaster) and the fact that the controllers lack an analog stick. Here’s a list of 15 PlayStation Classic games we think should be on the PS1 Classic.

Metal Gear Solid:

PlayStation Classic games

I remember playing the demo and spending more time knocking on walls than doing anything else.

This one is a slam dunk, in my opinion. The game is already available to purchase through the PSN Store (on PS3 and Vita though). Metal Gear Solid is a bonafide PlayStation classic and is constantly associated with the console. While it was ported to GameCube a few years later, many fans played this epic title back on Sony’s grey box. The biggest issue with this (and many of the other games that could be on the console) is the lack of analog sticks on the controllers can cause issues with control.

Twisted Metal 2:


Another PlayStation classic. Twisted Metal’s insane mix of cars and combat is legendary, and few games to this day do it better. With a bonkers story mode and an addicting multiplayer mode, Twisted Metal 2 is a great showcase for why the PlayStation Classic launches with two controllers. Grab a friend and cause some mayhem.

Gran Turismo:

I don’t have any affinity for this series, but Gran Turismo is a seminal PlayStation game. Of course, there have been better games in the series, and the original definitely doesn’t have the beautiful graphics of modern day examples, but nonetheless, the PlayStation Classic should also be a museum of history.

Final Fantasy Tactics:

Final Fantasy Tactics

A great reason to replay a great game.

Yes, there is already a Final Fantasy game coming to the PlayStation Classic, but this is a unique situation. This is basically an entirely different game than the epic JRPG. The battle system is isometric and grid-based making this a tactical RPG. Final Fantasy Tactics has since become a cult classic because of incredible gameplay and a fun story, and putting this game on the PlayStation Classic would appease fans.

Mega Man Legends:

I love the Mega Man series, and the X series is fantastic. X4 is one of my favorite games of all time, but since Capcom packaged all eight Mega Man X games together earlier this year, I want Sony to try and take a different route with this choice. The Mega Man Legend series took the side-scrolling action and made it a third-person adventure. While the game doesn’t hold up perfectly (as most games on this list don’t), this would be a great way for Capcom to judge interest a return to this series.

Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortez Strikes Back:

Most people may want the entire series on here, but with a limited number of titles on the console, I don’t want there to be too much of one series. Crash Bandicoot was great, but the sequel took it to another level. Crash Bandicoot 2 isn’t as difficult as the original, but the platforming is tighter, the levels are more interesting, and Naughty Dog seemed to understand exactly what they had with the second game. I think Crash Bandicoot: Warped took a lot of what made the second game good but added some unnecessary additions, which is why I’m avoiding putting it on this list.

Crash Team Racing:

More than a Mario Kart clone.

I know, I lied about having multiple games from the same series here, but hear me out on this one. I personally wouldn’t mind if none the first three games in the series show up on the PlayStation Classic, but I’d love to see the racing spin-off come to this package. Crash Team Racing might look like a Mario Kart clone, but Naughty Dog made a game that some people say surpasses the inspiration with tight controls, clever level design, a jolly story, and smart power-ups. CTR is another great example of two-player action.

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