PlayStation Releases Open Beta for Fortnite Cross-Play

PlayStation Releases Open Beta for Fortnite Cross-Play

Sony has added another rift to Fortnite. This one, however, is one players have wanted for quite some time. That’s right – PlayStation has an open beta for cross-play, starting today on September 29th, 2018! No longer will PlayStation users be restricted to PC and mobile cross-play only, as the new cross-play will include all console platforms.

Users no longer will have to worry about having their account locked to PlayStation being the only console they are allowed to use on their Epic Games account. The new cross-play will allow for one account to be used on all console platforms, as Sony and Epic Games previously had the agreement to lock Fortnite accounts that used PlayStation as the only console platform allowed for the account. This became an issue when many users wanted to use their cosmetics on the Nintendo Switch, being the latest and only mobile console to receive Fortnite. However, due to their accounts being used on a PlayStation, the account could not be used on the Switch or Xbox. Sony missing out on cross-play for certain games is not abnormal, as seen with Minecraft’s Better Together update, but the account locking did not sit well with many Fortnite players.

On the PlayStation Blog, John Kodera, President and Global CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment stated that the decision to finally allow cross-play for Fortnite was due to “communities around some games have evolved to the point where cross-platform experiences add significant value to players.” Kodera hopes that this will honor their 24 years of striving to deliver the best gaming experience for fans. He ends his statement on the matter that this means a lot of change for other games as well. No info has been given at the time of this article on which titles that means, or how long Fortnite cross-play will be in beta. Sony plans on using this beta experience as a chance to test cross-play on the PlayStation 4; ensuring it is what is best for both users and themselves.

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