SoulCalibur VI Review: Transcending History Once Again

SoulCalibur VI Review: Transcending History Once Again
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“Transcending history, and the world, a tale of souls and swords, eternally retold.” SoulCalibur has once again taken center stage after a six year hiatus. As a fan of SoulCalibur since the second iteration released on the GameCube, this is a fighting game that I was very much looking forward to playing. The big question though, was if SoulCalibur VI would be as fun as when I was first introduced to the series in my apartment in college. The answer is yes in most ways, but no in other ways.

From the start, SoulCalibur VI does a fantastic job retelling the legend of the series right from the start which is great for newcomers of the series and also for returning fans as well. This gives great context into what this series is all about as well as setting a tone. SoulCalibur has a wide range of returning characters that we have come to love as well as some new characters as well.

SoulCalibur VI

Ivy is a fan favorite and a welcomed return to the series

The fighting feels very archaic in SoulCalibur which makes the game very enjoyable. Fighting mechanics adapt well for newcomers and veterans of the series. You can easily get away with a victory by using the non-conventional way of button mashing but if you are a veteran of the series, you’ll easily be able to conduct a series of crushing combos and moves throughout the round that can paralyze your opponent into defeat or submission via ring out. The game introduces a new move called Reversal Edge. Reversal Edge is a mini game that gives you the opportunity to turn the tide of a match with just one button. While somewhat complicated to understand, it can certainly change the outcome of a match if you are in a bind and need to turn things around.

Prepare yourself for Reversal Edge

As archaic as SoulCalbur VI is, the game’s mechanics are very fluid. The environment looks extremely life-like; SoulCalibur VI is just a pretty game to look at. Before you take center stage for your battle, the camera pans around showing off the stage itself. The game knows that it looks good and it showcases that before the battle. SoulCalibur VI is one of the best looking fighting games out there and that isn’t something that is considered when picking up a fighting game, but it was something that was duly noted while I played.

SoulCalibur VI has two different story modes: Libra of Souls, and Soul Chronicle. They both take place during the same timeframe but are told and displayed in their own different ways. Libra of Souls has somewhat of an RPG element while Soul Chronicle plays as a single player mode that most traditional fighting games have this generation. This gives single players an option on how they like to tackle the timeline and see how their character’s story turns out.

SoulCalibur VI‘s character creation mode is in depth and fun as well. I’ve seen some pretty crazy (and explicit – which Bandai Namco now points out that they may lead to online ban) creations made in this mode but they’re all unique. You can create Link, Thanos, Ronald McDonald, pretty much anyone you can think of in this version of the character creation. There really aren’t many limits and Bandai Namco did a fantastic job with this mode giving the user the opportunity to use their creative expression however they choose.

All in all, SoulCalibur VI is a great fighting game. It has everything one can expect from a fighting game; it looks stunning, it plays smooth, and it has some pretty fun game modes and not to mention a clever character creation mode. The roster is very nice as well and you will appreciate the opportunity to play with returning characters to the series, and newcomers like Geralt fit in perfectly. SoulCalibur is a series that only comes around a generation but when it does, it is noticed by the industry as an arcade style fighting game that gets the job done and is just plain fun. SoulCalibur VI is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. For more on SoulCalibur VI, make sure you keep it locked right here to Mammoth Gamers!


The Good

  • Beautiful graphics for a fighting game
  • Smooth engine and fighting mechanics
  • Returning fighters along with new entries to the series

The Bad

  • If not playing multiplayer, or local PvP, single player modes get a bit stale
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