Deltarune: Toby Fox Has Done it Again!

Deltarune: Toby Fox Has Done it Again!

After giving the world a 24-hour notice and telling us to wait for another 24 hours until Fans could go wild with spoilers, the world finally has something we thought would die as a meme. (You can read up on that meme here!Deltarune; the squeal to Undertale is here! Chapter one of this game is available for download here, completely free, courtesy of Toby Fox himself. The announcement Toby gave of the game can be found here on his twitter:

As promised, we were provided an application known only as “Survey Program” which moments later turned out to not only be Toby’s way of getting our attention and input but also the follow-up game to his masterpiece; Undertale. Deltarune, being labeled as the first chapter, most likely means we can all expect this to only be the start of the sequel, to which Toby has even noted that this is him testing the waters for his next project. No updates on any upcoming chapters have been released at the time of this article. Nonetheless, fans are still more than ready for this new experience.

Much like Undertale, Deltarune comes in both an English version and Japanese version. First glances at Deltarune make it clear that this game takes place a few years after Undertale, at some point after the pacifist ending. Toby has kept the original art style many fans have grown to love for its nostalgic look. The Deltarune Twitter account has also posted a link to purchase the 40 track album of music pieces from the game.

It’s no doubt that fans are going to be going crazy over the new installment to the beloved title, Undertale; and it’s only a matter of time before YouTube is flooded with theories and Let’s Plays of this beautiful game.


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