Louis Vuitton Flexes on Apple AirPods

Louis Vuitton Flexes on Apple AirPods

The Apple AirPod Flexing might finally be coming to an end, as newer high-end wireless earbuds enter the market; and the new Louis Vuitton Earbuds might be that end. After the rapper Lil Yatchy revealed that he had purchased a pair, Twitter has slowly started blowing up over the new earbuds. With a price tag of $995 and four colors to choose from, it has many people wondering if they are worth the down payment of a car.

The Louis Vuitton Horizon Earbuds are sold along with a steel sandblasted case, which also comes with a leather cover for the case. This is definitely a step up from Apple’s plastic AirPod case, as well as the full support for both Android and Apple phones. The variety of colors (red, white, black, and stripes) and smaller design might also entice many, as it means more stylish listening. While the Horizon Earbuds offer a waterproof listening experience, their battery life is lower than that of the Apple AirPods. With AirPods offering five hours of charge, and an additional 24 hours from their charging case; Horizon Earbuds only offer three and a half hours, with an additional two charges from the steel case.

Louis Vuitton Earbuds might be the next big tech fashion statement, but the level of technology within is that of a normal earbud. With the AirPods’ built-in sensors and custom Apple W1 chip, they offer a greater experience for iPhone and Mac users. So why the big price tag? One reason could be the 10mm Beryllium drivers within the Horizon Earbuds. This expensive material is known for having one of the best structures for creating accurate high-quality speakers. The other reason for the high price tag; they are made by Louis Vuitton.

Will these be the next big pop culture earbuds? Or will people find a better way to spend a grand?


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