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Machinima Removes Video Archives, Erasing Years Of Video Game History

Machinima, a long time multi-channel network focusing on video game content, has removed all video content from all of its channels.

The video purge comes only days after Machinima was pulled into a larger Otter Media merger, says our source. The merger was announced in late November of last year, though what that really meant was unclear to many creators and consumers.

Creators found themselves caught off-guard by the decision, many receiving letters from Machinima stating that employees from the Machinima Creator team would be moving over to Fullscreen. Others, such as fighting game content creator Maximilian Dood, found their contracts suddenly ended, tweeting that they had been dropped for various infractions, some of which were years old.

There wasn’t any warning of Machinima’s mass deletion.

The purge come after a flurry of activity from the multi-channel network after media giant Warner Bros. acquired it in 2016. In February, the video game focused media outlet underwent a rebranding effort, changing its logo and becoming more active on various social media platforms. The company also started featuring more Warner Bros. properties in its content, such as Transformers.

Despite the rebranding and efforts to streamline its content, it appears that Machinima is moving all of its creators to Fullscreen, another division within Otter Media. Without any creators or employees left under the Machinima banner, the future of the multi-channel network is unclear.

Fans and creators alike are taking to Twitter, their comments showing their mixed feelings for the once-dominating gaming network. Some fans lamented the loss of the company’s video archive, which included content such as Two Best Friends Play, Arby ‘n’ the Chief, Sanity Not Included, and Inside Gaming.

It is unclear whether or not this is the end of the Youtube giant as its own entity. While its business practices have been controversial over the years, it was the largest network of video game content creators on the internet, uploading upwards of 10 to 15 videos a day. Ricky Hayberg, writer and host of Internet Today, posted a screenshot of the empty video list. In his post he said, “Wow… they finally went ahead and deleted everything we’d ever done. 7+ Years of work… lost to the sands of time. #RIPMachinima.

Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this article stated that Machinima was set to merge with Ellation. In an email provided to Mammoth Gamers, Ellation said they don’t have anything to do with what is going on with Machinima. We regret the misinformation and apologize to all parties.

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