New Alice Game is in the Works and You Could Help

New Alice Game is in the Works and You Could Help

Are you beginning to crave a new adventure in the horrific version of Wonderland created by American McGee? Well, you’re in luck! According to a blog post from the developer, the third iteration of their Alice franchise is in the works: Alice: Asylum.

This horror, action-adventure platformer takes Alice Liddell and Wonderland from the much beloved books series by Lewis Carroll and turns it on its head. Taking place after the books, American Mcgee’s series of games shows a young Alice struggling with survivor’s guilt after her parents died in a fire. As warped as her own reality has become, Wonderland itself has also spiraled into despair. According to the developer’s blog post, Alice: Asylum is a prequel “with young Alice fighting through the trauma of losing her family”.

Alice Asylum

In 2017, the studio wanted the help of their fans in convincing EA to publish another game, but now American McGee is asking for your help in a handful of ways. They are encouraging fans to stay up to date on the game’s progression by signing up for their newsletter and following them on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and FaceBook.

If you’re willing to help the new Alice adventure financially, American McGee has set up a Patreon page for the development process. McGee writes, “Join me and the Alice community in shaping the visuals, mechanics, and narrative of Alice’s next adventure. Via Patreon, YouTube, and other sharing platforms we’re working as a team to make sure the next Alice game is everything you want it to be.” The tiers range from $1 to $600 with a handful of levels featuring physical and digital rewards for fans. Purchasing merch would also help their efforts!

As of this writing, a release window has yet to be announced, and there is no information on which consoles the game will release on. For continued coverage, keep coming back to Mammoth Gamers!

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