Ubisoft’s Marketing Team Gets Political And Drops the Ball

Ubisoft’s Marketing Team Gets Political And Drops the Ball

Ubisoft released an email on their upcoming private beta for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. A second email was then set out four hours later due to a joke from the Ubisoft Marketing team. The original email that was sent had the subject line “Come see what a real government shutdown looks like in the Private Beta” Ubisoft sent this message in an email as their response:

Apology Email from Ubisoft

Ubisoft’s message expresses that this was a slip in the cracks of their system and was not supposed to see the light of day. The company has also expressed that in no way is the United States government shut down an appropriate subject for a catchy email subject line. Something many will agree on after the loss of 11 billion dollars to the United States economy.

Fans were quick to catch the mistake; many going to Twitter in shock and shaking their heads in disgust. Ubisoft has made no response on Twitter on the matter, or in response to any tweets.

For those interested in the closed beta, it is closed for those who have pre-ordered and for a chosen few that have applied to join the closed beta. The beta seems to be limited access to what the game has to offer, even showing off some of the end game content and remastered experiences from the first game. The beta will be available for all platforms.

While it is not unusual for Ubisoft to experience negative press on one of their games, die-hard fans and Ubisoft will surely hope this won’t affect launch sales. For more on The Division 2, make sure you keep it locked to Mammoth Gamers.


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