Apex Legends Breaks 25 Million Players in First Week

Apex Legends Breaks 25 Million Players in First Week

Apex Legends has taken the video game world by storm and has even beaten Fortnite’s record in blowing up. With over 25 million players, everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. Still, only in its first week, Apex Legends is building a hardcore fanbase faster than ever before. Fortnite might have finally met its match. Available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One; Apex Legends brings a new twist to the growing battle royale genre!

Being a free game makes gaining members easy, however keeping members is what makes the game. Epic Games has done wonderfully in ensuring to keep feeding their growing fan base with more and more content for Fortnite. Both free and paid content alike, Respawn Entertainment will have to live up to the hype and ensure content will start flowing in to keep their insanely fast increasing number of fans happy and eager to play.

With teams of three and a cap of 60 players in each game, Respawn is looking to change the formula. One way they’ve done this is by adding a useful ping function, allowing players to communicate and inform one another without the use of a microphone. This ease of communicating gives the game an easy way to jump into the game without fear of not being able to communicate with their team members.

Sever and client issues are still an issue for many, as Respawn Entertainment released Apex Legends only days prior to this article. One worry many have, as the internet sits in shock, is unlike many titles before, EA has not yet managed to mess this game up. EA has been in some hot water for some time now with fans, and it looks like Respawn Entertainment is here to save the day for them. After a nightmare of loot boxes, canceled games, and closed studios; fans are biting their tongues and praying nothing goes wrong for the young blossoming Apex Legends.

Assuming the stability of the game increases over the months, Apex Legends might become the next big battle royale and dethrone Fortnite from the title of king.


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