Apex Legends Drops Into Battle Today

Apex Legends Drops Into Battle Today
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Respawn Entertainment, famous for the Titanfall series of shooters, is looking to enter into the increasingly-crowded Battle Royale genre with their new free-to-play game Apex Legends. Revealed earlier today on a livestream, they showcased what makes this game unique from other popular games in the genre. Oh, and the game is available to download right now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Apex Legends takes place after the events of Titanfall 2 in an area known as The Outlands. The game’s initial map, King’s Canyon, offers a varied landscape for players to battle in. It features long sightlines for snipers and the famous Leviathan’s skeleton as a backdrop.

King's Canyon, the map for Apex Legends, featuring a variety of different landscapes
King’s Canyon, the map for Apex Legends, featuring a variety of different landscapes

Similar to other Battle Royale games, it all begins with the drop. In Apex Legends, each squad will assign a ‘Jumpmaster’ who is responsible for where the squad will be landing. Once they’ve decided to jump, the entire squad deploys with them in unison, so no more worrying about someone being left behind. Named locations on the map will feature better loot, but will also be highly-contested by other teams. During each match, there are supply ships that can be secured containing elite gear.

Speaking of gear, the game features a variety of weapons to pick up and use. Examples they showed off during the reveal stream were submachine guns, shotguns, machine guns, sniper rifles, and energy weapons, but expect much more than that. Players can ‘ping’ locations of weapon drops for their teammates to secure.

One of the biggest differentiators for Apex Legends is the variety of characters, which they call ‘Legends.’ Similar to games like Overwatch, there are many different characters to choose from each with their own moveset and playstyle. The initial eight Legends shown off were:

  • Gibraltar, a heavy gunner who can drop shields to protect teammates
  • Mirage, the master of deception
  • Bloodhound, who follows the blood trail of his enemies as he hunts them down
  • Wraith, who can phase between a variety of dimensions
  • Bangalore, the weapons expert
  • Lifeline, a combat medic
  • Pathfinder, who uses a grappling hook and zipline to traverse the map
  • Caustic, who cripples his enemies with toxic smoke bombs
Bloodhound and his raven who features the ability to see through walls
Bloodhound and his raven who features the ability to see through walls

During gameplay, teams who find themselves in an unfavorable situation can locate one of the map’s ‘Jump Towers’ which allows players to zipline up and redeploy from the sky into a new zone. As the match progresses, the fighting area will shrink, similar to other Battle Royale games. Fallen teammates can be revived, but if you are unable to reach them before they expire, you will still have the option to recover their “Banner Card” which can be brought to specific areas of the map and inserted to respawn them. The player will be able to redeploy from the sky again, but return to the map with no gear, as if they were starting a fresh game, which puts them at a significant disadvantage as the match goes on.

Just as other popular Battle Royale games have already implemented, Apex Legends will feature various seasons of content, as well as a battle pass that can be purchased in-game by players that contain many style customizations for their apparel and weapons. Over time, more Legends will be added to the game, as well as new loot and new weapons. The developers also mentioned that Apex Legends will be receiving “years and years of support.”

Are you looking forward to playing another Battle Royale game? Let us know your thoughts about Apex Legends in the comments below! For all your cutthroat combat news and more, stay tuned to Mammoth Gamers!

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