Dear Square Enix, It’s Time To Stop Hurting Your Fans

Dear Square Enix, It’s Time To Stop Hurting Your Fans
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Square Enix is currently the most clever publisher in the gaming industry. While others like EA and Activision are more forward with their money-making schemes, Square Enix does it in secret. Well, personally, I’ve become tired of this company messing with their loyal and supportive fans due to Dragon Quest Switch.

Now, if you don’t know about Square’s latest plot, I don’t blame you. They have basically deflected the past decades worth of criticism because they finally released Kingdom Hearts 3. The game in question is Dragon Quest XI. You see, they’re making a Nintendo Switch port for the game, which is great news. More people will get to enjoy this excellent game.

However, the Switch port is coming with a bunch of bonus content. And according to Square Enix, they are “undecided” whether or not this extra stuff will come to other platforms. The new additions include an orchestrated soundtrack and Japanese voiceovers.

dragon quest switch
The Switch version will have downgraded performance.

At first, I wanted to rant about this awful business decision. Square Enix had already ripped-off fans by giving them an inferior soundtrack. That’s right; the PS4/PC players don’t get the real, orchestrated music. We’re also stuck with the mediocre English voice acting. Not to say the Japanese voice acting will be better. It’s most likely going to have it’s drawbacks as well. However, it’s an option which has become commonplace among Japanese games.

However, writing a rant would be a huge disservice to Square Enix. I realised that I don’t want to insult them. The reality is, I’m still playing their games. Yes, I’m not as crazy about them as before, but I was there day one for Final Fantasy XV. Instead, I want to make a plea to the company. In short, please stop screwing over your fans who support you from day one.

We’ve seen this before with Final Fantasy XV. People who paid full price for this game on launch day received an unfinished product. The current game is completely different with many updates. Obviously, I don’t want to complain about them updating their games, that’s a good thing. However, if you’re going to make so many changes, then why not just delay the game? That way, everyone can get a relatively similar experience. People who are playing Final Fantasy XV for the first time now, are going to have a much better time.

dragon quest switch
The updated version will feature Japanese voice overs.

What they’re doing Dragon Quest XI is an unacceptable practice. I believe that the PS4 and PC players will get these new updates. However, they will do it after the Switch version releases. They are purposefully trying to trick consumers into buying a second version of the game. One that also happens to be the worst out of the trio in terms of performance.

On a smaller scale, I should also mention the fiasco around Shadow of the Tomb Raider. That game was put on sale only a month after its initial release. This caused the early adopters to review bomb it out of spite. I don’t and never will condone review bombing. However, Square Enix was in the wrong here as well. Putting your game on sale so early is a slap in the face to the consumers who supported your product from day one. They should have waited a little longer before lowering the price.

final fantasy xv
Off-road driving is one of many updates to Final Fantasy XV.

There’s more to talk about. The recent cancellation of Final Fantasy XV DLC content. As well as all of the product placement they used in a freaking Final Fantasy game. Even the recent silliness of the Kingdom Hearts 3 “secret ending” being patched in after a couple of days. We could be here all day.

The truth is, I just want Square Enix to show a bit more care towards their audience. We don’t hate the company, not at all. In both business and personal relationships, there has to be mutual respect between the two parties. Naturally, we shouldn’t expect Square Enix to listen to the mean-spirited fans. However, the fans also won’t have any respect for a company that mistreats them.

At least this particular saga is over…

Right now, Square Enix can get away with most things. Kingdom Hearts 3 came out only a few days ago and they have the Final Fantasy 7 Remake coming soon. Even on the business side, they are doing well and raking in the profits. That’s great news for both the company and supporters.

I don’t expect anyone to boycott Square Enix, nor will I ask anyone to do so. Instead, I want to see the company take some responsibility for its actions. Even a company like EA, who everyone seems to hate, was able to learn from the loot box controversy. So, please Square, show a bit more respect to your fans. Because they are the ones who managed to stick with you despite the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy. They deserve some sort of reward just for that.

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