What The PS5 Must Have To Be A Success

What The PS5 Must Have To Be A Success
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As a convert from the mean green machine, PlayStation has captured my heart (and my business) for many years to come. In my opinion, PlayStation 4 has been the stronger console and has much better exclusives to play on. So with that said, I am a lock for the next generation console rumored to be coming out over the next two years. With developers already shifting their attention to the PS5 or whatever they decide to call it, I felt it was necessary to think about it as a consumer, “what do I want from the next generation of gaming?” I might be asking for a lot but I think I have come up with a list that covers all of the things that would make me shell out that extra cash when launch day arrives.

  • Backwards Compatibility

This is the main complaint I had with PS4 and what Xbox did right. The allowance of backward compatibility is a huge selling point for PlayStation, as their game library is HUGE now and if people already invested the money into these games, let the people play. Now this might seem like an easy fix to please the people but I feel there are a couple of huge hurdles to jump over to make this happen. One being the fact that we might see our first cloud based system, with no disc drive at all. This would make the unit compact and force people to buy digital, which ultimately would shake the gaming industry to the core. Forget the fact that people will no longer be keeping discs of games on their shelf but imagine the repercussions ate places like Best Buy and more specifically GameStop, who are already in line to fail over the next couple of years. Even so, no disc drive, no backwards compatibility. Another hurdle they will have to jump in order for this to happen is the latest craze of remasters and remakes. People have paid $50 or more for the HD remake of Final Fantasy X like 5 times, which goes to show, people will shell out for remakes on the most recent console. Developers and Sony alike will not want to get rid of that cash flow, so we can more than likely say goodbye to that, but it is still something most people would want to see in the next generation PlayStation.

  • More Space and Storage

The PS4 lacked the space needed for all of the incoming digital titles that have been arriving at the end of its cycle. Games like Red Dead Redemption 2 come in at a whooping 94GB, which is about 1/5 of the internal storage on the original PS4. This is a major issue with many people having to delete and re-download game. Now, Sony did provide a solution, allowing for external hard drives to be installed however, I am finding that even with my internal 500GB and my 1TB external, I am still running out of room. If Sony is moving toward the future, I would imagine that they will be progressing toward a cloud based system, that might even pair with the PlayStation Plus subscription, which would allow for people to choose a plan of different sizes to keep their game files stored on. This would be a smart move because it would allow for people to literally play their games anywhere there is a PS5 and they could sign in. Now, this is also a logistical nightmare because that would mean Sony could be potentially housing over 90 million users data and having that much storage would more than likely cost a ton, so this might not be the right option, but who knows? The easy solution: pack each PS5 with a 5TB hard drive and call it a day.

  • Better VR System and Games

The new and exciting world of Virtual Reality gaming has been thrust upon us and it doesn’t seem to be going away. Sony had an all in push to get VR going on the PS4 and it was mildly successful but not the must have item of the video game world they might have hoped it would be. In order to make this a successful venture, the PS5 must come with VR and have solid VR games already developed in the wings. No Skyrim remakes for VR or a lame game of pool. The PS5 has to have a flagship VR game that is fully immersive and allows for the player to have the complete experience if VR is to catch on. Now, I know that is asking for a lot but Sony has the technology and now is the time to push gaming into the future once more, by giving us actual AAA titles in VR.

  • Motion Controllers

A more interactive experience is important to me. I know that something I enjoy about the Switch and even the Wii is the motion controllers. PS4 has the capabilities to use their motion sensors and speaker in the controller better, but it has been nothing more than a failed gimmick that was used in games in the beginning of the PS4 cycle but since, it’s not really used to its full potential. In an ideal world, the controller would be able to be separated and configured to users comfort level, almost like the Switch controller. Even so, sports games, shooting games, and RPGs could benefit from some of the motion control abilities and it would be nice to finally have motion controllers that don’t just feel like a cheap gimmick.

  • Better Graphics, Smoother Frame Rates and Faster Processing

This one goes without saying but it needs to be a huge jump for me to want to upgrade from the PS4. Currently, the PS4 runs pretty smoothly but most recently, if you have an OG PS4 like I do, games like Spider-man and Red Dead Redemption 2 run slow and the frame rates are already struggling. I am going to assume with a new console, there will be more open world games, bigger and better bosses, and beautiful landscapes. All of these things are great but if PS5 doesn’t have a major jump in graphics and processing, there will be no point in buying the system.

The next generation of gaming is now on the horizon and as the industry is expanding, it can only be better for gamers.  Companies will once again be fighting for our business and hopefully there will be some amazing new features that nobody has even thought of.  And if there isn’t? Well one can hope that they will at least allow us to play the same 5 games we have been playing the last 20 years.

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