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A Filthy Casual’s Thoughts On Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix

Okay, so an individual can have both a Heartless and a Nobody? Somebody tell me honestly: I’m way too early in the plot to even begin understanding how that’s possible, right? I mean is there more than one type of criteria you need to reach to be labeled a Heartless? I’m going to sprinkle some Harry Potter logic in here for a moment, but is a Heartless capable of being created by an organic individual like a Horcrux? If I lose my heart, I’d be a Nobody by definition, right? Then does my removed heart manifest as a Heartless? But it couldn’t right? Because that heart represents my old self? But why don’t I look like those gangrel creatures that Sora always kills? Is it because I’m a strong individual? Better yet, Kairi put her heart in Sora during the events of Kingdom Hearts, and when Sora gave it back to her he transformed into a Heartless but was able to come back, and if Naminé is Kairi’s Nobody but Xehanort has both a Heartless and a Nobody, then, by that logic, who or what is Kairi’s Heartless? I’m getting a headache typing this everyone. Is this what it really means to be a Kingdom Hearts fan? Is one of the chief signs of the Kingdom Hearts fandom mean you spew complete word vomit? Am I one of you now? Send help.

Look, I was able to gather that the goal of the Heartless, insofar as their loyalty to Organization XIII, is to gather hearts for the Nobodies so that they can create a new Kingdom Hearts that would presumably allow said Nobodies to get hearts of their own. Please tell me that this concept is further elaborated on in a future installment. I feel like I’m not grasping something here. Somebody explain this to me in Star Wars. That’s my easy to understand logic right there.

Okay, so Sora goes to The World That Never Was to put an end to Organization XIII for good. This was the one time I came close to throwing my controller at the TV because that battle between Sora and Roxas was brutal. I was getting my ass kicked so bad that I had to repeat the fight at least six times. When I did manage to barely skim by with no more potions, and the tiniest sliver of a health bar no bigger than a tick’s taint, I then learn that Riku is alive and well but just so happens to be stuck inside Ansem’s body.

I’m done. That’s it. I give up.

Okay, no, it didn’t happen that way. I kept going. But that’s when the revelation that both Roxas and Naminé are the Nobodies of Sora and Kairi happens, and that’s what happened following the events of Kingdom Hearts. There’s some clarity there, I recall thinking as I saw that on my TV. Or is it? Sora and Kairi have Nobodies. Got it. Case closed. But why am I still being called back to the fact that Kairi gave Sora her heart in the first game? Did Sora possess two hearts? His own and Kairi’s? If Kairi’s heart was given back to her, that doesn’t necessarily mean that their respective Nobody disappears right?

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