The Division 2 Beta: Fool me Twice, Shame on me

The Division 2 Beta: Fool me Twice, Shame on me

This past weekend the open beta for Ubisoft’s next blockbuster AAA title, The Division 2, was released. The highly anticipated sequel to The Division has been getting mixed reviews online and after personally putting in many hours to the Beta, I too have some mixed feelings.

I was an avid player of the first installment of The Division, bought it day one, played the beta, put over 50 hours into the game within the first two weeks. I really liked the gameplay, the style and how the game looked. After spending so much time with it, I got incredibly bored and realized that it was literally the same mission, same style, for every task that you needed to do. I stopped playing, checked in on updates here and there but never really got back into it. From what I hear from friends who played through past when I did, the gameplay got better, the rewards stronger and The Division a year later was the game it was supposed to be. By then, I had moved on to new games, but I thought about coming back to it.

That was until The Division 2 was announced.

I figured if they finally got it right at the end of The Division, the next installment would be that plus some improvements! Well, I am here to say that this was not the case. Here are some of my impressions of the open Beta from this past weekend:

  • Opening cutscenes and intro to the game were fun and exciting, kind of getting me back into the groove of it all. I like the imagery and the graphics at first seemed pretty sharp. Being in DC was a cool piece to it too, so many different iconic buildings and such really help add to the atmosphere.
  • Gameplay was very much the same, shoot bullets into damage sponge enemies, with weaker and stronger ones throughout. Classic formula but honestly, I felt bored after getting two missions deep.
  • As I said, the graphics seemed sharp in the beginning, but as the game played through, the graphics were always loading. Even in cutscenes I would have walls and textures going from blurry to sharp all around the characters. I know that this is a Beta, but when the final product comes out in two weeks, this should not be an unfinished product, it should mostly be a mainframe test for the online stuff.
  • Speaking of bugs, there are a TON of them in The Division 2 Beta. From people having a continuous falling animation as they were in the safe-house to the fact that my character was getting stuck and couldn’t leave many different buildings and rooms without having to roll out of the room; I was so annoyed at one point, I just stopped playing because my character could not get out of a room.
  • Online was spotty; I had multiple disconnections and couldn’t figure out the party system very well. I played with friends, and from time to time, they would just freeze up and continue walking. The game also errored out on me two times in the weekend, causing me to have to go through that long load screen to keep playing.
  • I got to the end game trials, and I really liked the addition of the special weapons, it gave a nice futuristic feel and added some of that Sci-Fi element that developers were looking for. However, the end game to The Division 2was much of the same, stronger damage sponges as you went through the same obstacles as before. No puzzles, teamwork or even a common challenge. Just shoot the stronger dude until the strongest dude pops up. At least vary what they look like or something.

Obviously, I know this is a Beta. I know this isn’t the final product. However, I am tired of game companies selling people half ass finished games. $60 plus DLC on top of other crap is expensive to begin with, and then on top of that, we have to wait for them to make the game better because they don’t want to take the time to make sure it is the best it could be. Look at games like GTA V or Red Dead Redemption 2. They took years to make, and as a result, they have the time to make them the best they could be. Not spitting out a new version of the same game every one to two years. With that said, on my first impression, playing this Beta for many hours and seeing what Ubisoft has to offer, I will be saying no thank you to The Division 2. Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on me again.

Ken Borter

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