Game of Thrones Season 8 Predictions

Game of Thrones Season 8 Predictions
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The night is dark and full of spoilers…..Beware! If you are like me (or half of the world for the matter) you are pumped up to see Game of Thrones Season 8 start this weekend.  With that, there are a TON of rumors, predictions and more out and about.  I figured as a huge fan I would throw my hat into the ring and see if I can make some fun yet accurate guesses as to what is going down in Westeros over the next couple weeks.  Let’s dive in!

Who lives/dies?

Okay. So this is an area of contention for many people. George R.R. Martin is notorious for killing off fan favorites in his books, but at this point, Game of Thrones Season 8 is past the books and into uncharted territory. Last season was mildly influenced by the books but Martin himself said from then on out, it’s not lock and step with the TV show. Last season played off of many people’s desires, with Jon and Dany hooking up, Little Finger getting the axe and many characters getting what they so desperately wanted. There were not a lot of shocking deaths last season, and some of it kind of felt like fan fiction.

That is about to change.

When looking into how they could possibly wrap this up and not make people clamor for answers, a bunch of people need to die, and their stories have to come to an end. Some of the major characters I think will die are Jon Snow, Daenerys (Dany), Cersei, Jamie, and Tyrion. Each will die in their own way, but I think they will all have to die in order for this series to end.  

Jon will die in battle, as it is his destiny.  He will do something to super heroic to save Dany, probably riding a dragon but he will die. And it will be sad, and people will be mad, but he will die.

Dany will, for sure, die but not before being queen for a small amount of time. She will die during childbirth, giving birth to Jon’s baby as this has been foreshadowed for like five seasons of them saying she will never have kids. Dany isn’t supposed to have kids, but somehow, she becomes pregnant with Jon’s baby, and boom, a new Heir. New king. New storyline.  

Jamie and Tyrion will find their ends in the hands of their sister. Jamie will for sure disobey Cersei, and she will kill him. Tyrion will turn his back on Dany to try to save Jamie, and that is when Cersei will get him too. However, Cersei does not leave this unharmed as she will be killed by the Night Kings, turned into a white walker and forced North of the wall to become his Knight Queen. That will be apart of the bargain we will see happen as a result of many, many battles. Just call it a hunch but I feel like Cersei will finally get the kingdom she wants, ruling over the army of the dead and will have nothing to live for once all of her family is now dead.

Bride and Groom?

Who wins the Iron Throne?

Dany is the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, but we know that she is not actually the rightful heir and that Jon is really a Targaryen, and has more claim to the throne than she does. This will come out this season, and it will cause major conflict. Jon will not want that title, but Dany will find it threatening.  

At the end of the day, Dany will win the Iron Throne, but we will also see her die this season of childbirth. So I guess it will be Dany, then her child? Either way, I don’t think we will see a popular character on the throne for very long.

Anything fun going to happen?

I think the most annoying but also fun way to end this show would be to make it that it is a retelling of Sam Tarly’s understanding of what happened. The way that Jon is built up and shown to be such a hero makes me think this is a retelling of history. Some of the stuff that happens is just too coincidental, and it might be because the person who is telling the story has a certain perspective of the characters. The Lannisters are all bad, and the Starks seem all good, Sam’s life has a lot more meaning than you would think it should as he is mainly a side character, but he’s getting some serious main character screen time. So the last episode might bring us to a time in the future and show Sam as the Grand Maester, teaching the others of the great White Walker War that he and his long gone buddy Jon Snow fought to save Westeros. It isn’t too far fetched, but I think it has some merit and has a ton of clues pointing in that direction.

Any last thoughts?

Clegane Bowl 2019.  Mark it in the calendar.

Let us know what you think! Knight Queen? Does everyone die? Gendry the King? Tyrion a Targaryen?  Am I all wrong? Tweet us, message us, comment and let us know your thoughts!

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