E3 2019 Predictions & What To Expect

E3 2019 Predictions & What To Expect
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Brandon Stephenson

As far as E3 2019 predictions, my first is a simple one, Sony will hold a State of Play around E3 time, just to not be forgotten about and not give the other two hardware manufacturers all the time in the sun.

But Microsoft is going to be my main focus for my predictions. Phil Spencer will come out and announce their next-generation platforms, yes plural. The rumored streaming box is real (does the Sony partnership help this box out?), and yes it is meant to get more people in the door for a cheaper console. The powerful box will still be there with all the teraflops, pixels, and k’s that you want (the PS5 and Next Xbox will be similar in power, just like the start of this generation). But what if there is a third box? And what if you may already have it?

e3 2019 predictions

Microsoft has said they want to start blurring the lines between generations, yes that may just be them talking about backward compatibility, but what if at E3 2019 they announce the Xbox One X will play all the next-gen games just on a “low” graphical setting? This may sound crazy, but did you ever think Microsoft would work with Nintendo or Sony?

Matthew Adler

E3 may appear to be a shadow of its former self, but this year is not going to disappoint. First, Microsoft is going to open up the big press conferences by giving us our first look at their next-generation console, with a heavy emphasis on their Project xCloud initiative. We will get two new console SKUs, one featuring all the next-gen power—similar to the current Xbox One X—while the other is going to be streaming-only with no optical drive. Microsoft’s vision of being able to play anywhere is going to come to life on stage, and they will also announce their plans to bring more Xbox exclusive titles to Nintendo Switch—beginning with Ori and the Will of the Wisps, as well as Xbox Game Pass utilizing their cloud-based gaming architecture. They will also detail how they plan to integrate Xbox Live across devices, including mobile, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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Nintendo will also have an action-packed E3 this year, kicking off with their Nintendo Direct presentation. With all the attention focused on Nintendo Switch this year, there will be many games shown off. We will get our first look at Animal Crossing for Switch, with a Fall release window, possibly coming in September. Nintendo will also heavily showcase Pokémon Sword & Shield demonstrating some new features and of course, new Pokémon in the Galar region. The game will release this winter, potentially sometime in November. Luigi’s Mansion 3 will be playable and release in October, with Link’s Awakening Remake also playable and set to release in December. Expect some more Super Mario Maker 2 news as well, including the addition of a Super Mario Bros. 2 level theme added to the game. The Direct will end with a short cinematic trailer for Metroid Prime 4, and they will finally announce that damn Metroid Prime Trilogy for Switch that fans have been clamouring for, giving it an early 2020 release window.

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Ryan Davey

Could we be witnessing the death of the console?  With Google’s announcement of Stadia in March and a crossplay deal being struck between Sony and Microsoft, it appears that the lines in the sand are getting a bit less defined.  While Microsoft’s “Project Scarlett” and Sony’s Playstation 5 are known entities at this point, they also could be each company’s last. This being the case, I expect E3 to have more to do with release dates, new IPs, and trailers than hardware and peripherals.  I also expect “backwards compatibility” to be said throughout the weekend. Like…a lot.

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I’m expecting Naughty Dog to have a new trailer and a firm release date for “The Last of Us 2.” Both Treyarch and Infinity Ward will give us glimpses of whatever tired iteration of “Call of Duty” they plan on trotting out.  EA will give us more information on their new Star Wars title along with whatever is coming next for the FIFA and Madden series.

Bucking all of these trends, I also expect Nintendo to introduce one or two new additions to their hardware lineup, possibly a smaller, more portable version of the Switch, plus a possible handheld device.

Mammoth Gamers will have wall to wall coverage at E3 with live videos, on our YouTube channel, Facebook page, Twitter, and so much more. In addition recaps from each event will be posted right here on the site and we’ll have exclusive takes for closed door demos as well. For all things E3 2019, you’re already at the right place: Mammoth Gamers!

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