Pokemon Sword and Shield Hits Nintendo Switch This November

Pokemon Sword and Shield Hits Nintendo Switch This November
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The Pokemon Company just wrapped up their pre-E3 Pokemon Direct giving us a more in-depth look at the game since it was first revealed back in February. The game seems to be shaping up quite nicely, sporting beautiful graphics that look closer to the anime than ever. But, it’s not just a fresh coat of paint that’s been added to Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, there were a host of other new features revealed. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest announcements from the Direct.

The Pokemon Direct opened with a short cinematic trailer that confirmed the return of wild Pokemon walking around the world, seemingly eliminating random encounters like in the Pokemon Let’s Go games. We also caught a glimpse of four trainers working together to take down a giant Gyrados, but more on that later. The biggest new feature coming to Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield is the ability to finally rotate the camera freely!

Dynamax Pokemon

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One of the new features coming to Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield involves a mysterious new technique called Dynamax. When a Pokemon is Dynamaxed, it becomes giant in size and gains boosted power. Each individual move turns into a boosted max move, as well. This ability can only be used once per battle, and the Pokemon reverts back to regular size after three turns, so you’ll need to choose when to Dynamax wisely.

Stadium Battles

We also got a look at Stadiums, home of the Gym leaders of the Galar region. Since Pokemon battles are the most popular form of entertainment in this new region, each Gym battle is broadcast on television, and the Stadium is packed with eager fans. The Stadiums are constructed in a way that allow for Pokemon to Dynamax during battle. We also met the first Gym leader, Milo, who features grass-type Pokemon. In these new games, Gym leaders’ Pokemon will be Dynamaxed during battle, requiring new strategies as you look to earn their badges.

Wild Areas

The vast, open areas between cities are called Wild Areas. Depending on the location, time of day, and weather, different Pokemon can be seen walking around. But, Wild Areas are also home to Max Raid Battles. For the first time ever in the series, four trainers can partner up to battle against a single Pokemon. These Pokemon are Dynamaxed for the entire battle, and feature special abilities that make them extremely difficult. Trainers will need to coordinate their attacks and work together to take down these challenging foes. Also, only one trainer will be allowed to Dynamax their Pokemon, something that will require strategy and timing. If the trainers are victorious, they will have a chance to catch the wild Pokemon, with some Pokemon only available to catch during Max Raid Battles. The different Pokemon encountered during these fights will vary based on weather and location, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to fight a variety of different Pokemon. Trainers can connect together over local wireless, or you can connect with players around the world using Nintendo Switch Online.

New Characters

We also met some new people during today’s Pokemon Direct. First, we were introduced to Leon, the current champion of the Galar region. He is a formidable foe who wields a cape, so you know he’s not messing around. His younger brother, Hop, is your rival in these new games, and hopes to one day become champion, just like his brother. Professor Magnolia will be your point of contact in the new games, and she’s come to the Galar region to investigate the Dynamax phenomenon. We also met Sonia, the young assistant to the Professor.

New Pokemon

What would a Pokemon Direct be without new Pokemon? Today, we got our first look at five more Pokemon that we will soon be encountering. First up was Wooloo, a sheep Pokemon who’s fluffy fur is used for crafting goods. We were also introduced to Gossifleur, a flower Pokemon, as well as its evolution Eldegoss, a cotton bloom Pokemon whose seeds are used for restorative power. We saw Drednaw, the bite Pokemon, as well as Corviknight, a large flying taxi that you’ll be able to use to travel around the Galar region. The Direct ended with a look at the region’s two new legendary Pokemon—Zacian, who holds a giant sword in its mouth, and Zamazenta, who features a large shield-like mane.

The biggest surprise of all, though, is that Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield will be coming out globally on November 15, 2019. There is also a double pack that will be available for preorder beginning today that features both games.

What was your favorite moment during today’s Pokemon Direct? Let us know in the comments below, and for all your other Pokemon news, stay with Mammoth Gamers!

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