Pokemon Sword and Shield New Information: Gigantamaxing, New Pokemon, and More!

Pokemon Sword and Shield New Information: Gigantamaxing, New Pokemon, and More!
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Not even a month out from E3 2019, The Pokemon Company has delivered some new information via Twitter on the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield games due out later this year. We’ve already seen a handful of Pokemon from the Galar region, been introduced to a mysterious phenomenon known as Dynamaxing, met a couple of the Gym Leaders, learned about Wild Areas, Raid Battles, and more. Let’s take a look at the new information that was provided today.

New Pokemon

Four new Pokemon officially join the Galar region roster today: Alcremie, Yamper, Rolycoly, and Duraludon.


Alcremie, the Cream Pokemon, is a Fairy-type that produces whipped cream that becomes sweeter the happier Alcremie feels. Sounds like a great baking partner. In battle, Alcremie can throw its cream at opponents that has a soothing effect on them, reducing their will to continue battling.


Yamper, the Puppy Pokemon, is an Electric-type Pokemon that is drawn to moving objects, and crackles as it runs. One of its abilities, Ball Fetch, allows it to retrieve the first PokeBall that misses after being thrown—regardless of ball type.


Rolycoly, the Coal Pokemon, is a Rock-type Pokemon that features the Steam Engine ability, allowing it to gain a speed stat boost in battle if hit by a Fire- or Water-type move. Up until about 100 years ago, every family in the Galar region would use the coal from Rolycoly for cooking and heating their homes.


Lastly, Duraludon, the Alloy Pokemon, is a Steel/Dragon-type Pokemon that uses its powerful arms to grind down rocks and boulders. It lives in caves and mountains, occupying the same habitat as Tyranitar. The two Pokemon can often be seen fighting one another.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Version Exclusives

Some version exclusives were also revealed in a separate post. In Pokemon Sword, Deino and Jangmo-o will be exclusive, while Pokemon Shield will contain Larvitar and Goomy.

New Gym Leaders

Pokemon Sword and Shield Bea

In addition to Pokemon we’ll be catching later this year, we also met some of the Gym Leaders we will be facing in the Gym Challenge. We got a glimpse of Chairman Rose, the founder of the Galar Region Pokemon League, and his secretary Oleana. Rose became world-famous by embracing the Dynamax phenomenon and featuring it in Gym Battles.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Allister

Previously, we’ve been introduced to Milo, the Grass-type Gym Leader, and Nessa, the Water-type Gym Leader. Today, two more trainers enter the fray: Bea, the Fighting-type Gym Leader, and Allister, the Ghost-type Gym Leader. There will be eight Gym Badges to collect in total—sticking with tradition from the previous games. What’s different in Pokemon Sword and Shield, however, is that certain Gym Leaders will be version-exclusive. For instance, in Pokemon Sword, you’ll face Bea, while Pokemon Shield you’ll face Allister in the same town.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Leon

We also got some more information about Leon, the current Galar region Pokemon Champion. Apparently, Leon was the first to complete the Gym Challenge in the Galar region, and has never lost a single battle. I have a feeling that streak won’t last for long…


Gigantamax Drednaw

Dynamaxing is a Galar region phenomenon that allows Pokemon to grow in size and gain special limited-time abilities. Today, we’ve learned that certain Pokemon can Gigantamax, which physically changes their appearance and gives them special G-Max Moves. The Pokemon we saw Gigantamax today were Drednaw, Corviknight, and the recently revealed Alcremie, who transforms into a giant cake.

Pre-order Bonuses

As with most games these days, there are a number of pre-order bonuses that you can take advantage of depending on where you purchase Pokemon Sword and Shield, as well as which version(s) you pick up before the game releases on November 15, 2019.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Plush

Pre-ordering through the Pokemon Center will net you a physical copy of the game, as well as a plush keychain of one of the three starters from the Galar region: Grookey, Scorbunny, or Sobble.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Double Pack

If you’re purchasing the Double Pack featuring both games, you’ll receive two codes (one for each version) containing Dynamax Crystals, special items that allow you to face Dynamax Larvitar or Dynamax Jangmo-o in special Max Raid Battles. These Pokemon can be faced in either version, which is an added bonus as they are typically version-exclusive.

Lastly, if you purchase the game digitally on the Nintendo eShop by January 15, 2020, you’ll receive a present of 12 Quick Balls which give you a higher chance of catching Pokemon if you use them at the beginning of battle.

Those are all the announcements from today’s Pokemon Sword and Shield news drop. What are you most excited about in the games? Let us know in the comments below, and for all your other Pokemon Sword and Shield news, keep it locked to Mammoth Gamers.

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