Alien Scumbags: Not So Scummy

Alien Scumbags: Not So Scummy
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Have you ever wanted to play as Duke Nukem dressed as Master Chief? Because the guys over at Monster Finger Games have! Alien Scumbags drops you into a fan spoof of the Alien franchise, with references from all over the video game universe. Will this short and sweet horror game show off just how much video game experience Monster Finger Games has to offer? 

Our own Alisa Hail first reviewed this game for us on February 26th, 2019. Her experience wasn’t great, from glitches to a lack of gameplay. Monster Finger Games has been working passionately for the last year and requested we give it a second look. A well-deserved request it turns out. In my experience, I had no such glitches and found the game to last a satisfyingly short amount of time. It didn’t feel too long, and I found some replayability with unlockable characters; something that didn’t seem to have existed when Alisa did her review. 

After reading Alisa’s article on Alien Scumbags, I went into the game with low expectations but had high hopes of finding improvements. To my surprise, it didn’t even seem like I was playing the same game that Alisa had. The game handled just fine with almost no hiccups. I do remember having one, but it was so minor that it didn’t affect my gameplay that much and the event didn’t even find its way into my long term memory. Unfortanulity, it looks like Monster Finger Games have played a lot of games I never had grace my screen. While I was able to get the Duke Nukem references, the Halo references, and even a nicely placed Metroid reference; a lot of them went over my head. 

alien scumbags introduction level
The friendly intro to Alien Scumbags!

The overall look of this game has a very polished retro look to it. It seems old, but still very fresh and alive. One complaint I do have is how tight the screen felt. It seemed like I was missing a part of the game or it was zoomed in just a little too much. I suppose not being able to see more than five or six steps ahead of you is an element of the game that adds to the horror aspect, as I did find myself walking into situations I would most likely avoid in a normal game. Alien Scumbags also has a very dark and gritty look to it, but this didn’t take away from the overall look of the game. The graphics are pretty well balanced in this sense, it’d just be nice to see more of what is happening around me. 

Lengthwise, this isn’t a very long game, and I found myself completing it in only one sitting. I personally found this really nice, and Monster Finger Games promises more levels are right around the corner. It is currently on Game Jolt, for $5.99 or with a free 4 level demo. They’re still hard at work and have even released an update on Game Jolt a week ago, from the time of this article. For those that prefer expanding their steam library, Alien Scumbags is coming to Steam, with a realize date of June 17th!

I honestly would recommend Alien Scumbags to those that enjoy any of the games that it spoofs. It’s a fun little fan-made game, and Monster Finger Games is doing a wonderful job putting it together. I look forward to seeing what they are able to produce in the future! And if you want to see more content like this article, be sure to follow Mammoth Gamers on Twitter and Facebook, for all your gaming and tech needs!


The Good

  • Lots of replayability!
  • A fresh retro look
  • A reference for any old school gamer

The Bad

  • Still feels short
  • A very small viewing screen

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