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Want To Write About Games Or Join The Gaming Industry? Join Mammoth Gamers Today!

by Mammoth Gamers Staffon December 14, 2016
Ever want to write about Gaming? Entertainment? Tabletop? We are looking for contributors!

Exclusive: No Single Player DLC for GTA 5

by Brendan Dugganon July 19, 2017
We've waited long enough for a real GTA 5 single player DLC, will it ever happen? In this Mammoth Gamers exclusive, we have the answers.
Kingdom hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 Gets A 2018 Release; New Disney World Revealed

by Arshad Mawlaon July 16, 2017
Kingdom Hearts 3 finally gets a release window of 2018. A new Disney world was also revealed for the game at the D23 Expo, along with two trailers.

The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – The Master Trials Review

by Jason Arriolaon July 14, 2017
This is the first time a main series Zelda game has an expansion pass, but is Breath of the Wild’s first foray into expanded content worth it?
spider-man homecoming

Spider-Man Homecoming Review: Peter Parker Is Back

by Ken Borteron July 12, 2017
Spider-Man Homecoming is this summer's blockbuster hit, but has it restored the good name of Peter Parker to what we know and love?

Nex Machina Review – Slick And Satisfying

by Rich Casselon July 11, 2017
Blast through the robot hordes, save some lives, and have a great time doing it with Housemarque's Nex Machina on PlayStation 4!

Video Games Ripe For An Animated Adaptation Like Castlevania

by Arshad Mawlaon July 10, 2017
Castlevania is getting a new animated show that looks great! Take a look at three more video games that could benefit from such a treatment.
amazon prime day

Amazon Prime Day is Coming

by Ken Borteron July 6, 2017
Amazon Prime Day is coming. Get your wallets ready because this year looks to be even bigger and badder than years past! Happy shopping!
splatoon 2

Splatoon 2 Nintendo Direct – In Case You Missed It

by Daf Gapeon July 6, 2017
Nintendo held their Splatoon 2 Direct today highlighting everything Splatoon 2 will have in the game including new features, weapons, modes, and more!


Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Review: A Wish Come True

by Jason Arriolaon July 5, 2017
Shantae: Half-Genie Hero is back yet again and Nintendo Switch is the way to go if you haven’t already picked this gem up.

The Great Mass Effect Andromeda DLC Debate

by Carly Frithon June 30, 2017
Kotaku has dropped the bombshell that there will be no single player DLC for Mass Effect Andromeda. But this shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.