Mammoth Gamers is a website comprised of gamers who specialize in all the surrounding aspects of geek culture! We cover video games, comic books, tech, movies, television shows, and more by creating original written and video content. We “Geek Big” because we know there are more to gamers than what platform they play on.


Becky Taylor (omglazerkittens) – Site Manager


Becky is a successful marketing consultant within the video game industry.  She has worked with companies such as Reboot, Nkidu, 3D Realms, Tencent, Amazon, and Signal Studios.  Becky is considered a jack of all trades with skills in business development, marketing, brand management, and web design.  She has launched over 30 titles on Stream, and has helped countless indie studios improve their marketing and launch techniques.  Her history with video games started at a young age, with titles such as Wolfenstein 3D, DOOM, and Half-Life.  She can be reached at [email protected] and tweeting at @omglazerkittens.



Justin (SwiftSh0t) Brunelle – Twitch Streamer

10455088_1032644086751772_621804424168825798_nJustin (Swift) Brunelle is a hardcore gamer of all types on a quest to beat all games of any genre. Most often found entertaining people on his Twitch with drinking, swearing, and great gameplay. He finds a home here at Mammoth to express himself through other means with writing and podcasts.  He can be reached at [email protected]





Albert Perkins (A2TheP) – Editor & Journalist/YouTube Host

f23be1a5614bd617ae084b27c65c3127Albert Perkins is one of the journalists writing for Mammoth Gamers, and is also the host & producer for The Weekly Wrap Up YouTube Channel. Away from gaming you can find Albert watching sports, television, movies, and regularly being the jokester & punch line amongst his friends. Albert has worked with multiple video game blogs and related websites, attended the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in 2013, and has over 5 years of experience within the video game industry’s journalistic field.  He can be reached at [email protected] and on Twitter @AlbertPerkins.



Mark Kriska – Journalist

Profile pic 2

Mark Kriska is a journalist for Mammoth Gamers.  He plays primarily on PlayStation but also plays on Xbox and Nintendo systems.  Mark is an all around nerd and if he is not playing games he’s watching sports, movies, or TV and if all else fails enjoying a nice book or comic.  He can be reached at [email protected]




Dave Bahle – Journalist

10421543_10205154817976239_106412017244635505_nDavid Bahle is a former competitive Halo Coach, and former Microsoft Fan Boy.  He is a self proclaimed Star Wars Guru, and enjoys stepping over the bodies of his fallen enemies.  He can be reached at [email protected]





Dale Crowe – Journalist

Dale Crowe is an avid fan of video games and sports. He is also one of the journalists writing for Mammoth Gamers. Outside of work, he plays video games, watches sports, and likes to hang out with his friends. He literally does anything to get a laugh! Dale is also really big into fantasy sports and loves having conversations about it, just as much as video games. Some people call him a “bro” gamer, but he has came out of that shell and experienced just about every genre there is to video games. At the end of the day, he is all about competition and a challenge, that’s where he has the most fun. You can reach him at [email protected] And also on Twitter @TheeDaleCrowe.



Carly Firth – Editor

541635_10204850178328392_261969169228877915_nCarly Firth is one of the fine editors for Mammoth Gamers. She enjoys the Lego Game series as well as Fallout, and more.  Outside of gaming, Carly is a caring stay at home Mom and is one of the nicest persons on the Internet.  She can be reached on Twitter @poisonpinkfluff.





Dan Spina – Journalist

Half man, half video game playing machine, this writer, video editor, and podcaster is here to save you from the 8 Robot Masters of Boredom. You might know him by many names online; Mega Dan, Dankyn, ObiDan, but the man called Dan is here to guide you through the wasteland towards awesome entertainment.  He can be reached at [email protected].




Jennifer Rebecca – Journalist


She’s a podcaster, lover of RPG’s, corgis, and platypi, and sometimes writer and artist. She’s been gaming since she was a wee lass with my first console being an Atari 2600. Now she can be found on XBox One and PS4 as ‘PhoenixFire0729’ and on Steam as ‘Phoenixfire2912’





Laura Mazerall (Vamphlet) – Editor

12065737_10206199757905898_7546327060677831039_nLaura Mazerall is a Community Manager and Editor for Mammoth Gamers. She spends most of her time on the internet trudging under digital bridges and hunting trolls. While going by both Vamp and Maz in many circles would confuse some, Laura enjoys feeling like a superhero with multiple identities. Follow her on Twitter @Vamphlet to talk shop about video games, comics, PMS Clan, or dinosaurs!




Ross Wigg (LostPoetB24) – Journalist & Editor

LostPoetB24 (Ross) had his humble beginnings in writing when he carried a notebook around at a young age. Video games had also been an integral part of who he was and the growing up process. Naturally the chance to combine the two came as a no brained decision. LostPoetB24 (Ross) has worked in the video game blogging field in many different outlets as well as with many talented individuals. He strives to better himself as a gaming blogger all the time.



Chris Webber – Assistant Editor
Chris has been playing video games since the age of 2. He enjoys RPG’s, sports games, racing games especially, but he appreciates games from all genre’s. He has a deep respect for where video games come from, and will always consider the SNES the greatest gaming system ever. He’s excited to see what the future holds for video games and am always looking to learn more about this great industry!




Brian Miller – Journalist

Pixel Brian
Brian Miller is a lifelong gamer who will play just about anything you put in front of him.





Jess Johnson (EvilJess) – Journalist

When she is not trying to take over the world, Jess takes time to record video games and write articles.





Ken Borter – Journalist

Hangin TenEducator, drummer, zombies. Horror movie aficionado. Comics, sports nerd, Geek. Ken is a deadhead but not like from the 70’s. Ken often times finds himself picking up anything with “Of the Dead” in the title. On top of this, he is also a walking, talking pop-culture reference. Play some games with him! PS4 gamer: thewalkingken. Follow him on Twitter! @Kenborter