PlayStation VR Review – No Gimmick: PlayStation VR Is The Real Deal

PlayStation VR Review – No Gimmick: PlayStation VR Is The Real Deal

We’ve come a long way in the virtual world of technology.  Thinking back to the days of the Virtual Boy, there really hasn’t been a console device that has tested the waters since.  It’s been decades.  So not only should we give Sony Interactive Entertainment kudos for attempting to present us with a satisfactory device, we should also commend them for creating one of the most interactive virtual reality devices to ever hit the consumer market.  This is no gimmick ladies and gentlemen.  I’m here to tell you that the PlayStation VR is the real deal.  But don’t take my word for it – try it yourself!

PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR – an amazing experience into the world of virtual reality

I got the opportunity to try out the PSVR a few months prior to release and I had some mixed feelings to be honest.  I really enjoyed the demonstration, but I had some doubts when it came to light emitting from the bottom of the headset, as well as some blurred images while playing.  Little did I know, that the headset needed to be adjusted a bit more and my experience would have been perfected.  Once I was set up, I no longer had these problems and noticed an immediate difference and quickly realized that this device was the next big thing.

The headset itself was very easy to set up thanks to the detailed quick start guide included in the box of the PlayStation VR, as well as detailed videos on PlayStation’s YouTube page.  Once set up, one of the key steps you will need to do if possible is to dim all lighting in your room.  Doing this helps the experience tremendously.  The PlayStation VR uses the PlayStation 4 Camera to track your head movement in association with where you are located on the screen.  It’s a simple concept, but the way Sony has utilized its existing technology in order to optimize maximum sustainability throughout the entire experience is truly remarkable.  It also has full 360° head tracking as well, which means you can rotate your body around completely and still be immersed in the three dimensional world.

“I’m here to tell you that the PlayStation VR is the real deal. But don’t take my word for it – try it yourself!”

The headset itself is fairly lightweight and comfortable.  It can be adjusted to fix your head, and the OLED lens can be moved accordingly to help focus.  It fits comfortably with, or without glasses.  Once the headset is on your head, and adjusted to your eyes, it can be tightened to help secure the fit.  This helps form an even more comfortable fit to your forehead and the back of the head as well.  Headphones are recommended as well (noise cancelling such as Bose or Beats By Dre work best for a full immersive experience).

While the PlayStation VR gives us virtual reality to consoles, it doesn’t come at a cheap price.  Sure, it is one of the more affordable VR experiences available on the market currently.  But if you do not have the PlayStation 4 Camera, and PlayStation Move controllers, this device will set you back by about $500.00.

PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR pictured with the PS4, PS4 Camera, and PS Move

If money isn’t an issue you still may be hard pressed to hide your cords neatly upon setting up the device.  PSVR has a lot of cords.  Let me repeat that: PlayStation VR has A LOT of cords.  There is an HDMI cord that connects to the television to the processing unit.  An HDMI cord that connects from the PlayStation 4 to the processing unit.   A USB cord that connects to the PlayStation 4.  A cord that connects to the PlayStation VR headset.  The headphones that connect to the PlayStation VR.  You get the picture – this thing is #CordCity.

PlayStation VR

The PSVR comes with a lot of cords and inputs to add to your already existing web




The games on the PlayStation VR are what you would expect at launch – games that immerse you into the experience – but leave you with wanting more.  However, each and every single game on the demo disc included in the PlayStation VR gives you an idea of what PSVR can really do.  All of the launch games do an amazing job of giving an expectation of what you can look for in the product as well.  Unfortunately each of the are relatively short and will leave you with the feeling of wanting more out of your experience.  They’re all very good and an excellent tease of what this device can rarely do.  Hopefully Sony will support the PSVR, and we can we it excel into the future.

“You get the picture – this thing is #CordCity.”

I was not a true believer of virtual reality prior to playing the PlayStation VR from the beginning.  But I can tell you now, after extensive playthroughs that this device truly is the future of the PlayStation brand.  It does have a few shortcomings as I have mentioned in my review here, and the game lineup could be a little bit better.  But there is no doubt that the potential for greatness awaits, and the future has truly arrived for PlayStation.  If you are on the fence, I urge you to find the nearest kiosk and experience PSVR yourself.  You won’t be disappointed.  PlayStation VR retails for $499 (Bundle), and $399 (Core) and is available now.

What We Loved:

+ A true VR experience for console gamers
+ Easy setup & detailed instructions
+ Nice introduction of titles that showcase what the device is capable of
+ Amazing potential

What We Didn’t Love:

– #CordCity
– Price is a little steep for technology that hasn’t solidified itself in the industry yet – still a lot to prove
– Launch lineup leaves the player wanting more from the experience

PlayStation VR Final Score:  9.0/10

Albert Perkins is an Editor/Journalist for Mammoth Gamers, and is also the Host & Producer for The Weekly Wrap Up YouTube Channel. Away from gaming you can find Albert watching sports, television, movies, and regularly being the jokester & punch line amongst his friends. You can follow him on multiple social media outlets.

  • Fear Monkey

    I am loving PSVR, hoping that the PS PRO really helps its performance but havent heard much yet. I would think that bumping up the resolution and decreasing the aliasing would be a great feature. PSVR when it’s in a great VR centric game like Rush of Blood is pretty amazing. It’s like having your own personal amusement park.


      I read an article that covered part of an interview with someone from a developer studio, and they confirmed their game would have increased resolution on PS4 Pro. Wish I saved the link because I couldn’t find it again when I tried. Anyway Pro will have better resolution on a per-game basis. I don’t see why most developers wouldn’t enhance for Pro, but maybe not at first when they are still figuring out VR and waiting to see how big a market there is for both VR and the Pro. Once the market is established (it will be) I expect about all games to have better visuals on the Pro.

      • Fear Monkey

        I can see them not going into how much performance you get on the PRO versus the main PS4 or slim in PSVR, as it would possibly make people wait on PSVR till they get a pro. Im hoping it bumps up the resolution so less jaggies! Im thinking your probably talking about Farpoint, the game that comes with the gun controller. I know its been shown to reviewers with the PSPRO and that they said there was a visual upgrade. It’s obvious the PSPRO was made in mind for PSVR, it has the back USB port the other PS4’s lack.


          Exactly! Sony don’t want to send the wrong message and say PSVR doesn’t work well for PS4. A lot of people speculated this before Neo was even officially confirmed, and comment sections were littered with negative speculation. If Sony started hyping PSVR on Pro now it would turn off people who aren’t getting the Pro. Best to wait until a whole bunch of gamers have confirmed how well it works on PS4.

  • Koopa Trooper79

    Im loving it! Absoloutly blew me away ;o) Cant wait for Robinson next month, day one buy!

    • Dave21

      Robinson is the game I’m most excited for.

    • Shamoy Rahman

      Check out sports bar VR too, its not really much of an action game but still a lot of fun as you can play pool, air hockey, and a bunch of other fun table games in VR with your friends online.

  • Dave21

    Albert, great review. I appreciate it even more with you being skeptical coming in. I love my PSVR and am very impressed with the graphics that the console can deliver. Scavenger’s Oddesy shows how to deliver an FPS with no motion sickness and Battlezone blew me away. I can’t wait for more releases and to see how the Pro improves the experience.

    • Albert Perkins

      Thank you, Dave I’m glad you enjoyed my review. Like you, I can’t wait to see what developers do with this hardware in the future. It’s truly an exciting time to be a gamer!

  • James Logan

    Loving the PSVR! Batman was simply astounding! Until Dawn Rush of Blood is intensely entertaining and no matter how hard I try, still gives me chills throughout the game.


      I love watching my friends try Until Dawn

  • Panty Sniffer

    way better than sweaty panties

    • Shamoy Rahman



    Spot on review I’d also like a better camera with better range. I can’t get too far back from the camera (really more of an interior design issue on my part). The further back the camera could track you, the further you could move your head and controllers while still being in view of the camera. If Sony releases a better camera this gen I will def buy it.