Top 7 Watch Dogs 2 Hacking Invasion Tips

Top 7 Watch Dogs 2 Hacking Invasion Tips

Watch Dogs 2 Hacking Invasion tips are in no short supply, but how different are they from the first game? While the general mechanics are similar between Watch_Dogs and Watch_Dogs 2, things are just different enough that your old strategies from Chicago may not serve you well on the streets of photorealistic San Francisco. Here are the top 7 Watch Dogs 2 hacking invasion tips to get you climbing to the top of the leader boards!

For the uninitiated, Hacking Invasion multiplayer is the trolliest form of online gaming. You do your best to seamlessly blend into another player’s world and trigger a hack once you’re in close enough proximity to them. You then have to stay hidden within an ever shrinking circle as the hacking victim scurries about that space trying to find you. Killing your target isn’t an option so you have to play it smart.

Fly Like An Eagle – The biggest difference between the first and second Watch_Dogs game is the introduction of the quadcopter. A happy little game changing drone that you can use to fly above the landscape to scout an area, track targets, and rain down hellfire if you have grenades equipped. Do to the versatility of being able to use your quadcopter from a car or on foot, using it is the first of our Watch Dogs 2 Hacking Invasion tips and should be considered a companion to all the following tips. If you’re within 100m of your target and hacking cameras isn’t an option, launch your quadcopter. Keep in mind that your little chopper can get profiled by the target so try to hide behind billboards or buildings until you’re in range to execute your hack.


I Crashed My Car Into the Bridge (I Don’t Care) – Pick a vehicle that’s slow or subtle (or a bus because it’s funny and no one ever expects it). Don’t worry about whether or not you can get away if you’re profiled because your goal is to not get caught in the first place. Keep your eyes on the prize! Embrace your inner student driver and then disregard everything you learned. Crawl along at the in game traffic speed until you’re in range of your target. Then slowly-ish careen into another vehicle on the opposite side of the road, block that car from driving away so that you can stay in one place like a good NPC would and enjoy your traffic jam. Alternatively, set off a manhole cover and park yourself on top of it, or trigger traffic lights at an intersection and plop your car in amongst the chaos. Once in position let your quadcopter loose and hackity-hack-hack.

The biggest risk with this tactic is that if the victim is suspicious of your car, all they have to do is hack your ride to profile you. For that purpose if your victim’s location allows, hop out of your car and hijack one of the ones in traffic behind you. Your abandoned vehicle hints that you were in the area, but left it behind. Bonus vehicle tip? Avoid motorcycles. Yes, they’re the quickest way to escape if you get profiled, but they’re also exactly what hacking victims expect you’ll be driving.

Woop-woop! That’s the Sound of da Police – Narc on em. Who? Anyone. If you got some points into social engineering do yourself a favor and call the cops on an innocent bystander. One that’s close to where you’re hiding out, but not right on top of you. Your victim may figure out there’s someone with at least a visual on the area when you do. However, this action will put the cops in shooting distance should your victim profile you and take aim before the download is completed. It doesn’t save you every time, but it can buy you precious seconds of a distraction so you can escape and earn yourself some more points.

I’m Gonna Pop Some Tags – Hide out in a clothing store, or really any store. Walk right up to the counter or a far wall away from the front window and stare at the goods. Not very exciting, but very sneaky if you have the patience for it. Based on your target’s location this can be a bit tricky to pull off, but people rarely think to check interiors. While you can use your quadcopter to hack them while you’re in doors, they won’t be able to find you very easily with their own. After standing in one place for a bit Marcus will fall into some default gestures that make him look like any other NPC in the room. If you don’t mind playing the long game you can always post up in a store and wait for your target to come in range of you.

Every Girl’s Crazy Bout A Sharp Dressed Man – Don’t underestimate the power of a good outfit. Your victim doesn’t see your avatar as Marcus, but they can see what you’re wearing. So maybe leave your loud lime green hoodie on the hanger when you set out on your hackathon? You don’t have to commit to changing your outfit for every hack, but consider wearing something subtle. Muted colors work best, and a cohesive outfit helps the blend factor. The easiest way to do it is to make sure your wardrobe all comes from the same store. If you stand out you’re more likely to get profiled. As killer as your lime green hoodie, leather pants, and socks with sandals may look you’re going to stick out when you’re trying to hack someone at Nudle HQ.

Watch Dogs 2 Hacking Invasion Tips

Don’t Cry Out Loud, Just Keep It Inside– Don’t become an anxious mess when your victim runs close to your hiding place. Act natural. One of the biggest mistakes you can make during a hack is assuming that your target is on to you. Sometimes they are and you’re not going to have a chance to escape, that’s just life. More often than not, if you don’t panic run they’re going to run right past you. If they shoot a gun off near you (a popular tactic to weed out the hacker), run in whatever direction of the proximity radius gives you the most running room. Try to get around a corner fast to limit your chances of being exposed. Then you case use the final tip below so you look natural no matter what’s happening on street around you.

Let Me Take a Selfie – What if I told you that your in game camera could be used for more than just selfies at Scout X locations? Your target is closing in on you fast. You have no clue where to hide. Take your phone out, pull your camera app up, and smile! Move around a little for the best angle (track your target) and strike a pose with some locals if you can (blend in). Sometimes playful citizens will hop in for a photobomb, taking further suspicion off you if you’re in a group of NPCs that are playing along.

When people are looking for a hacker they’re very focused on NPCs that look out of place. Who isn’t running when your victim shoots a gun off? What car is weaving in and out of traffic? Watch_Dogs 2 does a pretty good job of making gang shoot outs and bad drivers common enough  in game that they get a second look, but not a full on investigation. Use these Watch Dogs 2 Hacking Invasion tips and let us know how you’re ranking on the leader boards!

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